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  1. Man, when i first heard this song i thought it was total crap. But i started listening to it over and over again, and it really is an amazing song. I wouldn't have you change anything about it. Keep the off notes! Pretzel is just mad that he can't sing as well as you.
  2. High quality production. Obviously a lot of time and planning went into this remix, it was really well made. But that being said, the song won't get a chance to play twice on my computer, it's already deleted. If I wanted to listen to 'surf' or pulp fiction, I'd either go back to the 70's California or buy the Pulp Fiction OST. "Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?" Come on DJP, the majority of your fans (myself included) would rather you stick to what brings home the bacon, not the spam.
  3. D00d! I never heard of this song until now... and i hate to say this, cause i've been listening to DJ Crono ALL night, trying to decypher your lyrics, but anyway, this may be your best song yet. I am a little partial to your Ammon's Legend remix, ftp://mp3:mp3@ftp.evillich.com/AR-PrinceofEgypt-AmmonsLegend.mp3 but i REALLY REALLY love this song. I have neither played or listened to Wild Arms, i watched a bit of the anime, but thats it. I have to say it again Crono, you own. Nuff said. -LiCH
  4. I dont know, i love this song DJC, i think its awesome, especially since i sat down and translated the lyrics or 95% of them anyway, i still cant really understand once sentence, but oh well =)) hehe i wouldnt change anything about this remix, i think its the bomb. It broke me back to the old days, man i love it so much hehe. Thanks for mixing for AniMiX, and hope to talk to you soon. haha well anyway great job, and don't listen to the haters =p do your own thing d00d! -LiCH "SOMEBODY HELP!" <--Expected a "Suddup whore," there but i guess that would be a little too harsh Oh and i dont know what your policy is on lyrics, but umm it would be great if you could correct mine or if you dont want them out thats cool too, i basically know whats going on there hehe. Hope to work with ya soon, i can lay down something nice for ocr or animix. =)))) http://remix.evillich.com
  5. Orororo, how come i wasn't informed you guys were doing this song? =( I thought we were a team =/ You know me i love basically everything i hear, with a few exceptions. To semi-quote one of the worst singers of our (my) generation "DJ Carbunk1e, the synth man, if he can't do it, then nobody can". The guitars are wonderful as many people said, but I don't agree with people who say they should be louder, they are just fine the way they are. The intro reminded me very vaguely of Dragon Warrior for some reason, and when the guitar starts, I think the drums should have been louder, but besides that it's really a very great remix. Now I have to go download the original =) You can check out more DJ Carbunk1e at the Anime Remix site, if you didn't already know. -LiCH
  6. This song has brought me back from the depths of the mako stream. Thank you Russel for ressurecting me =)
  7. :::Screams and covers ears::: MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!!!! Nah im just kidding, its a great remix man, i know how it feels to record a vocal, you never think it's right you get real insecure about it. I'm glad you mustered up the courage to submit it, i know it would have been tough for me!! But saying that i work for a anime fan sub group, and im lending vocals to someones new remix that i hope you will post real soon! -LiCH
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