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  1. Whether you believe it or not, I'm looking forward to hear your Salamander soundtrack. My response in no way was meant to offend you, don't get me wrong please. I agree the tune is recognizable (in the same universe as you call it). For me personally, the atmosphere set by your remix doesn't seem to fit the atmosphere of the game though. It's by no means bad... let's just say... radically different I love remixes a lot and a number of years back I used to remix songs from MSX games myself, rebuilding them using samples of real music instruments. Unfortunately I have not much work left and they were basically just one-on-one copies of the songs, made to loop endlessly. It was all done in FastTracker2. I now have Renose (registered) but I just don't have the time and interest any more to actually make any music, sadly enough. One thing can be said about a lof of game music of the 80s and that is that the songs were technically advanced, both Konami and Falcom made some excellent productions. I was hoping to find a lot more MSX game remixes here. Your initiative to offer this site its first MSX remix is appreciated nonetheless even if I can't find myself in this tune Regardless, godspeed on creating more compositions
  2. Well, how could I politely tell you. Maybe by starting off with the hypothetical situation where I wouldn't know of the song or the game in the first place. Music-technically, I couldn't hear any flaws, it jives just fine for the style you chose and it really has this espionage feel about it. You did a good job there.. But the fact of the matter is that I know the song; both the original chiptune as I've played the game to death on the MSX back in the days, and the later released Konami orchestral composition. Hearing this remix made me cry.. the song I still love today, completely butchered and raped by going 180 degrees on the style! I'm sorry for my comments, your composition in itself is good but I can't get over the style change knowing the original song.
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