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  1. Putting creativity in the hands of the listener! I love it! Solo Piano and OCCASIONALLY add Female Vocals on the Remixinator is the only way to go, the other styles are too much for me. Stick with what you know!
  2. I know nothing of stringed instruments, but are you serious? The guitar fits perfectly in this song and I wouldn't want you to change a thing! This is a great mix, one of my favorites on the whole site. And if your guitar has improved? Well then even better, I look forward to hearing more from you
  3. This remix is one of my favorite songs. I don't care much for the intro, the good stuff for me begins about a minute in. It's weird to say, but this song means a lot to me. I've had this song for over 4 years now and it's certainly on my most played list. It's helped me psych up and calm down, it's just a great mix of a great song. Highly recommended, thank you Jared
  4. What a MONSTER remix! I really liked "Silence Before the Storm" on the OST and then to find a remix that I like even more? Fantastic. I really did not like the fanfare at the end at all... but who cares? Still love it.
  5. I downloaded this song a while ago and I really enjoyed it and I wondered who made the track. Then I saw zircon made it and then I wondered no more. Solid mix and it really does feel like the Nightmare before Christmas!
  6. zircon is easily one of my favorite remixers on OCRemix and I can see why this song won and why so many people love it. It's a really creative piece and I like how all four sources work so well together in this mix. Not my favorite of his, but you still gotta like it. Thanks again zircon
  7. Man this is a great mix. I liked the intro but the section starting at about a minute in sold me. Definitely my favorite Kefka remix.
  8. Not really my kind of music but that didn't stop me from enjoying this remix. The melody really puts you on edge with the two guitars in harmony but I liked that too.
  9. Really epic remix. Quality arranging too. But I'd really like to hear this done live with a full orchestra and choir, just like all the other posts have said lol. It just sounds a little flat.
  10. This song has been in my Top Played list for almost a year now. From a song from the OST I really didn't like at all to being one of my all time favorites is amazing!
  11. This track is great to listen to!!! I'm a little annoyed that the 50% rule almost prevented me from hearing this, maybe I'll pay attention a little more to the songs the judges deem unworthy. I hear Cyan all over it and I'm glad I was able to add this to my favs. Thanks to Prince of Darkness and Shnabubula, I love this mix!
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