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  1. F*%king awesome. Sometimes lyrical remixes are pretty lame, but this song has shown me just how good they can be. Great job, I look forward to hearing more of your work.
  2. Great remix. Awesome drums. Great music for when you just want to sit back and chillax. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Fatty Acid on OCR.
  3. Good stuff, but I have to agree with KyleJCrb in that the sooner Game Over submits their Grim Reaper remix from CV, the better.
  4. Great job Noppz. Excellent stuff... very upbeat and lively. Keep it up.
  5. This was a DAMN good remix. Very nostalgic, as I grew up with castlevania. This song simply did not have enough coverage. The Minibosses used it in a portion of their song, but THIS one did more justice. Congrats and i look forward to your next remix.
  6. I loved this remix. Although Disco Dan's other remixes are good, this is the only one I especially like. Definitely one of my top ten favorite songs. The synth and the bassline are great. Quality and Quantity!
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