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  1. mikurotoro

    What is the easiest VGM to transcribe?

    Thanks but I have a question:how do I "parse" channels? Is that done with a DAW or something else? I'm completely new to this! Also I am only remixing 8,16-bit,& 32-bit (specifically N64) so I don't think I'd have to worry about CD-based stuff!
  2. mikurotoro

    What is the easiest VGM to transcribe?

    Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it!
  3. mikurotoro

    SEGA franchises getting film & TV adaptations

    Yeah it's too obscure
  4. mikurotoro

    SEGA franchises getting film & TV adaptations

    How about... Sonic & Sega All-Stars,the Yu Suzuki arcade games,or one of the platformers like Alex Kidd? Or I could go really weird & say Columns! lol
  5. I want to remix classic BGM from Nintendo,SEGA,Konami,Capcom,etc but before I can do that I have to learn how to transcribe! Can someone with experience transcribing please provide me with a list of the absolute easiest 8,16-bit & N64 VGM to transcribe? Thanks in advance! Oh & actual music please no fanfares!
  6. mikurotoro

    Should VGM be better represented on TV & mainstream radio?

    actually i should have said i want VGM to grow in popularity where i live the main kind of music people listen to in this area is country so i would like to help get VGM popular here! for example the local amphitheater has an annual concert series every summer & i suggested to both ironstone amphitheater & richter entertainment group that they have VGM this year but i never got a reply from both & ironstone amphitheater blocked me on facebook all because i suggested they feature VGM!
  7. do you guys think VGM should be better represented on TV & mainstream radio? personally i do because i want the popularity of VGM to grow so we can get more OST's,sheet music,more VGM concerts,etc! i like that OCR is helping with getting more people interested in VGM but have you guys at OCR thought of having your own TV show all about VGM as a way to get more people interested? what do you guys think? thanks in advance!
  8. this is some really good info i really want to start remixing but im completely new to this! thanks!
  9. Ok thanks for the help! But after I get the DAW do I need sheet music for games I want to remix or is there a way to remix without needing sheet music? Wouldn't I need to know the structure of the song before I can remix it? Like I said I'm new to this! BTW does DAW stand for digital audio workstation?
  10. I have audacity is that good enough for remixing? I also had fl studio but I can't understand it!
  11. darn looks like ill have to wait because i can't afford a sound program right now! that sucks!
  12. I really want to do classic remix albums but I don't know where to start! I haven't forgotten my Nintendo remix album but how should I proceed with this? What programs or equipment do I need & do I need sheet music? Since this is OCR I thought I would ask here because I'm new to this! also I want to do more then just Nintendo (I'm thinking Sega, Capcom, Hudson soft, Konami, basically any classic game developer) If I want to release the album on CD do I need a record label? Should I also get permission from the developers? I really need help so can some experienced remixer please help me out? Thanks in advance!
  13. mikurotoro

    Nintendo remix album: need game ideas

    To answer your question, both:-P
  14. mikurotoro

    Nintendo remix album: need game ideas

    well the album is going to be called Nintendo Nostalgia, so it's paying tribute to classic and obscure Nintendo games. And i do have a idea for games on the album but i wanted suggestions from you guys. Sorry if i confused you like that:-P
  15. I'm going to be doing a Nintendo fan album (non OCR) and i need your help! What games should be on the album? Remember, only Nintendo games, no Sega or Sony. I've been thinking of a Mario medley going through the history of Mario. Thanks