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  1. I've played this game many times before, but I don't seem to remember the song. WHY!? ......Possibly because I haven't played it in a while... Anyways, good remix, even though I don't remember it in the game.
  2. I may sound stupid, but I find that this sounds like a mix of Blue Man Group, any other rock band, and a little bit of techno. That's about it.
  3. Now time to give my actual review of the song. Me thinks it is very epic. And I read a comment that says that the song sounds "glassy". All I have to say is true dat. I like how the songs go so well together, almost as if they are the same song. An I really like how it sounds so... y'know, different. I dunno. I just like it. And I give it a 5/5, my friend. Now, GOOD DAY TO YOU! lol. But really. This is the end of my review. Seriously. Totally. I like typing. rofl. lol... I'm just going to shut up now...
  4. Heh, same with me! This and CrystallineCaverns are the two most Linkin Park-y sounding remixes on OCRemix. And that's what I like about them.
  5. Umm... for one, I'm pretty sure that's why they call it a reMIX. And for two, it is not far from the source at all! I hear Song of Storms just fine! What are wrong wit uuuu?!!! Anyways, awesome remix.
  6. Hey! Another one I like! I guess it's mainly the lyrics and... well... now that I think about it... all of it is pretty darn good. Sounds very... official. All I have to is nice work! -letterONE (that's right, new way of writing things, yo!)
  7. I can't believe I got banned for pointing it out to everyone that the ReMixinator was a joke. Don't you think banning is, well, too much? Seriously! Banning a person for ruining a JOKE? No offense but that's sad. And kind of mean. Oh and P.S. Even though it was a joke, the Remixinator made some pretty good stuff (that is if you don't put any other effects but the beats and synthesizer on.) In fact I did the piano Ice Cap mixed with the beats and synth (put em' all together in Audacity), and it sounded pretty good!
  8. Hey, I'm sorta new here so I may be a little... bad at doing reviewing and whatnot. Anyways, I REALLY love this one. One of my favs on this site. Everything in it just fits so well together. And, now that I think about it, it kinda reminds me of Linkin Park. Like a mix of Yoshi's Island music and Linkin Park's "My December". Yup. Umm... nothing much else to say, so, umm... later?
  9. mehehehehehe..... is funny. but seriously. i never noticed the mario series had so much... "special" sounds in it. but anyways, this thing... awesome dood.
  10. I really do like this, but a couple of the lyrics are a little messed up. Like in the second verse for example. I do believe it should be "mend a faux pas, with one last chance", not "there's a furball, with one last chance". But besides that, this mix is truly beautiful.
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