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  1. Not my favorite track by OA, but a good listen nevertheless. Once I listen to it a few more times it'll probably get way better.
  2. I've had an Xbox 360 for about a year now, and it's already stopped working. So PS3 definitely has better build quality.. You can't even touch your 360 while a disc is inside or you're set back another 50-60 bucks >_>. That's happened twice to me so far. But as for the games, It's really just preference. PS3 also has free online, which Xbox lacks. One thing I like more about the 360 though is the controller. It's usb so you can use it for your PC too, which is a bonus. I don't like the PS3 controller much. The only real reason I have a 360 instead of a PS3 though is that at the time of purchase, I didn't know a single person in my province that had a PS3.. If I had my time back I may have just bought one anyways.
  3. Well it's decent for a first song I guess, but most of the instruments sound pretty. I'm not very experienced myself, but I can definitely say you need to learn how to use all that stuff Rozovian mentioned earlier. Once you get the hang of that, your instruments'll start sounding a ton better. The overall arrangement doesn't sound too bad too bad, but still needs some work. I'd focus on the samples first if I were you regardless.
  4. This mix is so great. I don't really feel the Earthbound in it though, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. Great work.
  5. Amazing mix. I really enjoyed it. Probably one of my favorites I've heard by you too actually.
  6. Hey guys, I'm Elsewhere and I'm just signing up here, but I've been downloading for years now. I really love this place, but I've never really visited the forums before, so I hope to stick around and learn some things. Good day!
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