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  1. Sounds like it was pulled right out of Pokemon! A great place for some good Zelda music. :3 Ima download and listen A LOT.
  2. I listen to music that most people have never heard of, and a bunch of mixes and remixes and just jumbled up stuff that makes everyone think I'm insane, but in reality, I'm the sanest of them all, because I love Uematsu!! FFVII was my first soundtrack <3 I think every time I listen to it, I replay the game in my head. lol. We'll just pretend I don't have a playlist called "Battle" on my phone while I pretend I'm someone amazing and battle inanimate objects and keep a calculator tallying their HP and my HP. Not to mention playing FanFare when I win. Or Game Over IF I were to lose...
  3. i hate to revive an old thread, but it better than making a new one that has the same tihng right? well, i also want "the Extreme" i was upset when Dissidia didn't redo themselves
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