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  1. It reminds me of myself. The song is pretty funny itself, and its recommended listening for those who think the snowfield theme is over mixed. Anyone who is a ff fanboy or knows one (I am one, but PSO is sexy too ok djp?) cant miss the newgrounds video.
  2. hahah, what a great mix! One way to define creativity is to look at things that are diffrent and find ways to combine them into totally new configurations. This mix reminds me in places of sonic the hedgehog bgm, (thats a huge compliment) in others it was very simple, but the use of electronic noise and constant musical quality and variation made this one danm fun. Highly recommended
  3. This is one of my favorite remixes. Its clean, its exotic, and it sticks the to song it is based off of without losing its identity. What else can I say but Essential listening?
  4. This is some damn smooth use of a good theme put into a style that works with it to create something that is the best of both worlds: a game mix that could stand alone, but is funner to listen to if you also know the base theme. Its gritty backround and smooth syth with a heavy beat and alternation make this a standout from the moment you hit play. Highly recommended
  5. Im a little suprised that people havent been stuffing this one with reviews. Its a very good orchestrated peice, comparable to the original. While you might argue that its better to remix something thats orchestrated as techno, and vice vs... well I really have to say this is a stand out work. Sad in the same way the original peice was, and a delight to listen too. FFx has one of the best soundtracks of the series, and the theme here is treated like a king. Highly recommended.
  6. Heh, the other guy said alot of stuff. I think what it boils down to is this remix captures the feeling of good old lava reef zone very well, a dangerous and beautiful place. The sort of twangy syth can be a little grating untill its matched by the drums and the 'other layer'. Togeather its a treat. Recommended
  7. A good TE remix that is a blend of orchestrated and electronic effects in a mellow blend of both that doesnt tug either way. Suffice to say, its appreciable at face value as asthetic and smooth. Good work man! Recommended
  8. Im also in the camp that thinks this is not as good as many of the other submissions to this site: I dont think I would want to put this on a cd, as it sort of drags. There isn't quite as much *feeling* as the original, and I would prefer nintendos orchestrated version for SSBM over this one... I dont think updating a song without a solid basis in theme or execution makes a good remix, and this is very ho-hum in those regards. Not recommended
  9. I would say this is not my prefered style of mix. It reminds me of genisis quality music, not a compliment. I think the older, almost 8 bit progression near the end was far more effective and enjoyable: If your going to regress a peice, you might as well do it all the way right? Not recommended
  10. I don't think there is a person on the face of the planet who could not enjoy something as well crafted and classy as this. Great Jazz, it not only hugs the original theme, but does it so well it works by itself. Even people who didn't grow up with mario will dig this, and for those of us who remeber the good old days of turnip tossing its just a blast. One of the best remixes on the site in my opinion.
  11. Taking a song thats already good and making it better is a pretty simple explination for what this does to the already cool blast hornet theme. I could see this playing in game, or at some sort of mosh pit. Great work building on blast hornets theme, good consistant style and some very choice effects. Highly recommended
  12. DJPretzel scores big points for capturing one of my all time favorate original themes. Its not as flashy as some of the trance style remixes that pop up, but the rock theme almost captures the feel of the game almost better then the games music does. Perhaps its because of many fond memories of 'Busting a crossbow cap in someones ass' or 'dagger rampage' or 'bronze armor related fatal injuries to the bosses head'. If your a fan of the game you can do no wrong picking this one up. The more I think about it, isn't that the idea behind this site? Recommended
  13. Its hard to say what the best remix on this site is, as many of the ones submitted are in catagories by themselves. This is, however, one of the best peices of music that I have EVER had the pleasure of listening. The name gives the peice a very interesting spin: it captures heroic and sad emotions at the same time. That you combined two themes, by themselves stand out quality game themes, and combine them into something that exceedes both reminds me of why I not only love this site, but also why I enjoy hunting for music on the internet, and why I love music as well. Essential listening.
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