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  1. Awesome work on this track! The feel of it reminds me a bit of Theophany's Majora's Mask album.
  2. I love this album. Now it's a tie between Voices of the Lifestream and this one as to which is my favorite. I wrote a review on this album at well, check it out if you like! http://thomasfrank09.info/archives/21
  3. I downloaded FL studio. bad things happened. http://ab.decafproductions.com/crap.mp3
  4. This happened to me after I upgraded my CPU; I had to call zune support and have them link me to a DRM reset. It was weird.
  5. Now THIS is a project I'll be looking forward to! MMX music has always been my favorite game music
  6. Sixto is quickly becoming my favorite composer on OCR; as one reviewer said before the clean tone of the guitars sounds REALLY good. Keep up the great work, Sixto!
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