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  1. While I appreciate the effort gone in to create a second Mix of this song (and I know how difficult it can be to mix a rock song altogether), it sounds way too over-compressed; whenever the kick drum gets played, it turns everything else down for a split second.
  2. The bass itself is in the same key (whatever key it is in - seems like C Locrian, since it's very difficult to make the song "seem finished") - it's probably because the loop is a little too loud. (It's not 100% mixed - since it does clip in places) And yes, it is an old sequencer - close to 10-11 years old (Music 2000 - PS1 (recorded on an emulator - hence why it skips a little)). May be very dated, but can do the job if you know how to use it. But thanks for the feedback so far; I'll probably expand on the mix later.
  3. Haven't really got a title for it (Currently thinking "****ing Dragon Won't ****ing Die" (allcaps optional), but I doubt vulgar titles such as that are suitable.. especially if I was to submit this. ). I guess you could call this a "Finished" mix, but I might do some more work on this sometime whenever / ifever I feel like it. I decided to keep this remix fairly simple in structure, merely to keep it fitting to the whole "video game" context; as if it could be used as looping music for another game. Not to mention, Ridley's theme doesn't exactly have what you call a long structure - about 90 seconds of it and you've got the entire thing. MIDIs were used for this song, but only as reference: The sequencer I used cannot import them, so I had to input the notes manually. Though the drums/percussion were custom made. YouTube link: mp3 download link is in video description. Enjoy. Or endure, whichever applies.
  4. Original: Please note: This is the first time that I'm making a dubstep song in Logic, so don't expect really high-end stuff. That said, I have had a fair amount of good feedback from people who are more experienced in making it. Link to most recent Demo Now, I will admit that, for the time being, it's very basic. But, dubstep usually tends to be. There is a section in the chorus (~1:00) where it the time signature goes all wacky, but that's how I roll: I'm heavily inspired by a lot of prog music: I've done a dance song in 5/4, a metal track in 9/8; I'm not one to keep to tradition. That said, the original track changes time signature (from 4/4 to 6/4); I just went a little further (5/4, 6/4, 5/4, 8/4, 2/4) I'm guessing that this track might be put down a little for using the actual source music at the start, but that's only to serve as a first build-up; a WIP this may be, but that's the only place it'll be at. I might put a couple filters on it to disguise it; I'm not entirely sure. All that said and done, enjoy.
  5. Watch on YouTube - Download on Gimmesound - http://www.gimmesound.com/8762Entertainment Name: Clockwork Length: 7:29 Most likely the only time I'll ever use the Pitch Correction tool in Logic. Is hopefully going to be part of an album I'm putting together, only problem is that I can only access Logic Pro at college - due to me running Windows at home. Main inspirations behind this track are Tool and Dream Theater. Still a few problems I can hear with it (a little quiet compared to the other stuff I have, even at peak volume... hihats at the start are a little too noticeable when listening through earphones..), but they're not too noticeable. Also the time signature's a little wacky; I'm not a big fan of your standard 4/4. Enjoy. Or endure, whichever's applicable.
  6. This must be my.. what, third account here? (I've abandoned the other accounts because a) I can't access the email addresses those are assigned and they don't represent me or my music.) So, I'm Not a Number, (pka "Neotails8762", pka "28% Will Do Fine") I make music, and in the almost five years since first registering, I'm now a student at a music college. Softwares I use are Logic Pro (at college - curse my lack of OSX at home) and MTVMG (PS1). Recent music I've made is , vocals and all. I'm not very good at singing, but I sing anyway because.
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