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  1. With all due respect, I've always been of the mindset that any source could be arranged for any genre. To say that DJ Velly is applying the wrong skillset to the original piece is a bit, absolute, I feel. Sure, it's quite possible that Yasunori Mitsuda never meant to turn the theme into a techno arrangement, but I don't think that means it never could be. In other words, some pieces lend themselves to certain genres more easily than others, but I think the awesome thing about music is that there are no rights and wrongs in its creation. I mean, I think a huge aspect of OCR's appeal is the sheer amount of ReMixes that have been written in unexpected styles, and that have worked out surprisingly well.
  2. I like it! It's just plain fun to listen to, I think. I especially enjoyed the original melodic idea that you used for the first half minute or so, and spread throughout the rest of the piece. It fit right in with Frog's theme, and it's satisfying to hear them played in conjunction at the 2:00 mark. That kind of counterpoint is always such a great destination to get to in a piece. Good work!
  3. "Cinematic" is a great descriptor for this piece. I can't stop imagining a sweeping camera showing off the world of FFXI. I have to admire the orchestral composition, as I've always been slightly intimidated to try something large scale with an orchestra - I've only done a few exercises back in school, but something like this always tempts me to do some more experimenting. I especially like the...modesty, that you show in this arrangement. What I mean to say is, you seem confident enough in the strength of the piece that you're unafraid to scale back on the intensity once or twice in order to build up the tension once again. It's a great effect. Impressive stuff!
  4. The performance in this piece is fantastic, and the composition is simply incredible. I immediately went on a hunt for the sheet music after listening to it, oh, about 23 times in a row, and am just happy that I know enough about the piano to appreciate what Zohar has done here. I am constantly shaking my head (literally) in amazement. The creativity shown in the variation of the theme is great, and the lush harmonies always give me chills. Listening to this track has really opened my eyes regarding how to approach arranging, and how to respect the source, but add your own interpretation at the same time. My favorite aspects: - The subtlety of the opening is fantastic. How can you not be intrigued within the first few seconds? - The multiple voices used in the B section starting around 1:45. An awesome use of the piano's versatility here. - The return of the A section, laying triplets over eighths. Couldn't help but draw parallels to Brahms-style Intermezzos. - The flourish of emotion at 3:02. - The homestretch, with the constant eighths in the right hand, laid over the melody in the left. - The very last couple of measures, with the quartal harmonies. I love perfect fourths. OK fine. The whole piece is just amazing.
  5. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the kind words, it's really appreciated and makes the work very much worth it (not that the work itself isn't gratifying enough). Just wanna give one more shout out to Palpable, as without his help, this thing wouldn't be up here (or if it was, it'd probably sound pretty funky to your ears). Believe me, he made this thing sound loads better, and didn't really have much to work with to start. I gotta say, even though it doesn't seem like it took him too much strenuous work (feel free to correct me if you want, Vinnie), but the thing is, he didn't have to help at all. Just goes to show you how strong this community is, and I'm glad to be a part of it. As for the mix itself, I'm glad to see people are enjoying it so far. The jazzy at 2:15 didn't last long because in all honesty, I didn't want to screw it up! Like I said, I'm a classical pianist, and I wanted to keep it modest for now. Maybe I'll try something longer in the future. BardicKnowledge - your request for a piano sonata using Dancing Mad as a source is definitely tempting. It's always been one of my favorites!
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