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  1. I'd love a chance to win! His music has inspired every emotion in me that I can imagine.
  2. If you want me to perform on a track please email me at clockworkengine(at) gmail(dot)com
  3. Actually, I'm about to receive my midi converter in the mail (since sadly this kit has no usb functionality). When that happens MIDI will be fine. I plan to use the Steven Slate drums package, which according to reviews and my own assessment seems to be the best drum package available, plus it's only 80 bucks!!!! Check out this link for some vids of those libraries in action; it's unbelievable! http://www.stevenslatedrums.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=41 And PS- anyone may borrow my skills at any time.
  4. Personally, I think this is an excellent track, if I were you I wouldn't touch it, even if it isn't "up" to OCR standards. Having standards is fine, it keeps the junk at bay. But I think it's a little over the top on OCR; it saps the fun out of it.
  5. Here's a video I made of a drum performance along with Gradius III's Cosmo Plant. I hope you'll check it out, as it is sort of a demo I made in hopes of generating collaboration interest with musicians online. I welcome all criticism.
  6. You're sure enough to not try? With the same conviction, I say no programmed drums can outdo my human touch. If you like, we can put that to the test, since you're so sure EDIT: I listened to your tracks and they sound good. But I see now why you prefer sequenced drums. You're sound is completely electronic. I should have done my research before I requested a part; I'm not that into electronic music. There is very little work involved in getting a great sound out of prerendered samples and synths, so I guess I can understand why you don't want to work with something a little more challenging. I love the challenge, and I guarantee what comes out of my studio on one track can match the quality of Superior 2 samples with ease. At any rate, thanks anyway.
  7. Guess I can't help then. It sucks that you won't even try. Do you think all drummers are the same?
  8. You won't be disappointed. My electronic kit is a yamaha dtxplorer which is a mid range electronic kit, velocity sensitive and humanized. And they record crystal clear and pre mastered. Not much need for a multitrack. Add to that that I'm a professional drummer with a rock solid meter, so there's no need for quantization either. You're a skeptic, I'm sure. But if you try you won't regret it. That's all I can say.
  9. I'm not set up through midi, so no on multitracking. But they sound great anyway, on one stereo channel.
  10. I have both acoustic and electric sets. I intend to use the electronics, but they have great sound quality and can be played to the fullest. Provide me with a click or the information I need to make one and you won't need MIDI, as I don't send out a recording until it's flawless to the metronome.
  11. I'm interested in playing drums. As in, live kit. I don't have any youtube videos but you can check out www.myspace.com/virtuousarmor if you want to hear my drumming.
  12. I've got a set of yamaha electronic drums so it's pretty easy to get a crystal clear, high quality drum sound out of them near to or on par with that recording. I didn't use them for that recording, but you can expect a similar quality from any recordings I submit for this site. And yes, I can work with and/or expand on any existing drum ideas or tracks you may have.
  13. Only some original stuff. I also played most of the other instruments on the tracks on this link as well, with the exception of the vocals (although I did write them, as well as the lyrics). I haven't done any ocr collabs yet but I'm very interested. I don't mean to sound egotistical, but my skills are quite high, and I want a chance to work with some equally skilled musicians. I figured this is the place to do it. http://www.myspace.com/virtuousarmor
  14. If anyone's needing drums for their ocr project, let me know.
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