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  1. And to think I outgrew Pokemon...at least, I THOUGHT I DID. Disc 1 appeals to me most cuz most of the tracks are from the original games Faves being My Greatest Rival (dude sounds kinda like brentalfloss) Rain Prayer (the re-interpretation to the Road 2 Viridian City Theme is stuck in my head now. #_# It's a happy, mello feel. I LOVE IT.) and...Battle for the Badge (they should make a PKMN game with these as BGMs. LOVE the guitars) Oh, next fav is the JigglyPuff choir. (My only regret is that it's less than a minute) As always, OCR never fails to disappoint. Thumbs up!!
  2. Another Green Amnesia ...with a Japanese flute
  3. especially Alva...if that's her name HATED her But I got used to them -except this one in NG2...thevolcanobearcowthing
  4. The recents. I hate the bosses so much
  5. Hey OCR -again- Chris here. Vocalist. Gamer. OCR fan [especially mixes from mega man and chrono trigger] With that said... Let the games begin.