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  1. I love Simon Posford's work (since early Hallucinogen tracks back in the 90s) so much, that when I read AnSo's sentence "I honestly wish I was Simon Posford" it meant something very strong to me. Because I thought it in these exact terms so many times... Simon truly is a fuckin' genius when it comes to creating complex, psychedelic, organic, hypnotizing tunes, with infinite overlapping layers of sound forming the most stunning soundscapes... I think a perfect example of that is the whole Shpongle discography, which is simply the musical form of the word 'awesomeness'. I already commented on
  2. Once again, an extraordinary release from OCR ! I was expecting this one real bad (my F5 key painfully remembers the day of release), and on first listen, I went 'meh, not that good actually'. What. A. Fool. This album grew on me as fast as a monkey fired from a wooden barrel cannon, and now I can't stop listening to it ! Just wasn't open-minded enough in the first place is all... I genuinely love all the songs on this album (well except for Neko's death metal tune, but like a lot of people said before me, it's mainly the genre that's the problem : I actually love the instrumental version,
  3. I haven't listened to everything yet, but what I heard is really great ! Cold, mesmerizing soundscapes, very neat. And with the occasional 8-bit touches on top of it, it really has its own style. Plus we get to appreciate the evolution of your production skills over the different albums. Some of your work reminded me of Solar Fields (a swedish electronica artist, If you're not familiar with him you should check it out ) Anyway, kudos and thanks for the free sounds ! Definitely gonna buy the last album, I streamed it on the website and it's sick !
  4. This ReMix may be my OCR all-time favourite... I've listened to it like a billion times, and I just can't get enough of it. Sure, the MGS theme is a great source, but Jared simply transcended it. So epic. So moving. So overwhelming. Raah, gotta listen to it once again Most awesome, my good sir.
  5. Well, after 5 years of solid lurking around here, I think it's a good time to register and start posting to pay my respects to this community... Starting with this album, which I found very impressive. Being a huge fan of the game (and more importantly here, of its epic soundtrack) I just loved the creativity and diversity that everyone put into it, as well as the overall production quality, which was very professional and reflected the colossal amount of work done by everyone involved. Kudos to you all for a surprising, refreshing, eclectic album that never stops revealing its awesomeness (
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