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  1. Final Fantasy VI & IX 'The Endless Search'

    Hear that horn? How about that organ? This one is some piece of work, definitely broadening the amount of genre's we have around here. I'm not going to lie to you and say that I really love this sound. It's just not my taste, but it doesn't matter what you like, you have to admit that this one is really very well done. Somebody who really likes this genre give this a good review please. Nice work NoppZ, try something different next time... for me, please! Only kidding, do whatever you want.

  2. Mega Man X3 'Memory'

    Kick ass! This one is something to dance to, and while the original Mega Man tune is buried very deep within this mix, it is still noticeable. I thought the feeling was good at the beginning of this mix, but wait till about 0:57 and you get ear engulfing sweetness. Man I need some larger speakers. Great work DJ Terra, more please.

  3. Nothing stellar?!? My god man, have you no ears!? Only fooling, after all you did say you liked it. Anyways, I would have to say that the timing and tunage of the mid range synths that are panned to the right are especially well done and very catchy. We also mustn't forget the strings and piano in this piece which I think are excellent. A great piece of work Star Salzman, and I don't think many will mind if you give us some more.

    Rob: OMG! Why so many fricken line breaks!?

  4. This may very well be some of the best trance that OC ReMix has seen. The atmospheric reverb creates a suberb environment that makes you feel submersed in the music. And there is another issue, the music itself is particulairly amazing. I am absolutely infatuated with this base line. The only thing I can see that does get a little annoying is the cymbal crash is a little over used, then again I have never really much cared for cymbals anyways. Others may see the use of the cymbals differently. Great work Ryu7x, keep it up.

  5. I really want to know who was speaking all of that spanish, whoever it was they sounded like a native speaker.

    If I'm not mistaken (and authoritative corrections are allways welcome)Mustin did the Spanish. Not sure who did the man with the raspy voice, but the guy with the radio was definatly nyKad (head on over to vgmix.com if you want to find him.) And of course Dale North, Nate Cloud, and Mustin all had a hand in making the beautiful music.

    I remember when this one came out, it was one of the more popular releases. Every once in a while there is a song on OC ReMix that everyone listens to and then just can't believe what they heard. Makes for an interesting day in the #OCReMix whenever that happens.

  6. The intro to this piece is very odd.

    I should have clarified, I didn't mean this in a bad way and not even to say that the intro is just... mediocre. Too be quite honest, I think it's excellent, but when I wrote the initial post I was a tad rushed. Mind you, the general consensus seems to be that the intro is a little strange, not neccessarily out of place, and not really bad. Rather it's very original, and a tad "out there." My personal feeling, as I should have stated in my first post, is the intro is amazing, just lovely. End of story.

  7. Super Mario Kart 'Trippin' on Rainbows'

    Very Late Night Talk Show Jazzy, is what I like about this piece. It's also got some very experimental parts that you might not expect in something so Jazzy. This definitely has an amazing Trippin' beat to it, and one very sexy sax. I'm definitely loving this mix, and actually if all it had was that sax, I'd still love it. That sax is simply wonderful. Great work, Mazedude.

  8. Mario Paint 'bLiNd Is Dah BomB!'

    The intro to this piece is very odd. From there its a very cool sounding piece with a Techno beat, and it's got some very experimental sounds to it. Obviously, since I said techno and experimental in the same sentence, twice now, not every one is going to take to this piece, but give it a try, you never know. I do very much love the vocal samples and I wish they were more frequent in this song, but I suppose I can't have everything I want. It's interesting, and catchy, which is why I Love this piece. Good work, DJ Leifo (Ko Miho Leifo), keep it up.

  9. Metal Gear 'Uh Oh! The Beat Have Started to Move!

    Absolutely stunning, is this piece of music, and I must say that my favorite part of this mix is the fact that its long enough to thoroughly enjoy. Of course it does help that its absolutely awesome, I mean, you wouldn't want to be listening to 5 minutes of torture now, would you? The only three things I can see that might be true flaws is that I hear some clipping at around 3:50 - 4:15, the low notes of the guitar tune that starts at 0:50 sounds like it's a little off, and at 1:54 an instrument counters the guitar stabs that I think could be a tad louder. It sounds a little weird having this loud guitar countered by one very quite instrument. About those guitar tunes, though, I'm no musician and I'm not here to claim that it's completely wrong. Anyways, as I said when I started writing this, it is absolutely stunning even considering its possible faults, well worth the trip. Great work Khalal, and Nintendo Guru.

  10. It may just be my computer speakers, but all VBR songs sound unpleasant when I play 'em loud which is why I never kept 'em..until now.

    I can't see any way that it could be your computers speakers. More likely the Speed or possibly your sound card.

    I found a nifty program that reencodes mp3s so I converted this file to 128k/bps. Mucho improvement.

    I wouldn't suggest going down to 128 kbps unless hard drive space is a significant problem, especially with this piece. I usually like to stay at 160 or above with mp3s with a static bit rate, and use an encoder such as CDex that has support for lame. But then VBR mp3s sound beautiful on my computer and I haven't had a problem with them yet.

  11. Super Mario Bros. 'Dirty Mix'

    Super Mario Experimental Break Beat insanity is the only way I can describe this mix. I don't think this one is going to be everyone's favorite flavour, but I'm thinking that it just might be one of my top favorite songs from OC ReMix. Some people took the time to load this up with as much insanity as possible. Reminds me a whole lot of Aphex Twin's break beat stuff. If you dig break beat and like the insanity of Mustin's 'Haunted Hell' with a touch of CotMM's static effects, this one is definitely for you. The quality being at 320 kbps makes this a long download, and is probably not totally necessary, but considering the fact that I'm not on dial-up any more and this song is so damn amazing I'm just going to ignore that fact. To A Scholar & A Physician, all I have to say is this is amazing work and I want more, much more.

  12. Jackal 'Mounted-Machine Gun Funk'

    This is a great mix that pours on the energy as it moves along, and doesn't slow down until the very end. I love those hallow sounding 404’s that it starts off with, and I wish there was more of that in this mix. Still Beatdrop keeps things interesting with the drums and string work in this piece. The gun samples are very neatly arranged so as to represent chaos but still flow as if they are an integral part of the song. Great work Beatdrop, keep it up.

  13. Castlevania II 'DownTown'

    A nicely done piece hear from Castlevania 2. For me, the highlight of this one has got to be the drums. Accompanying those drums, I must say, I was really expecting guitars. But the instruments used to produce an interesting sound. There is nothing flashy here, just an all round nice piece of easy to listen to music. Nice work Vic Viper.

  14. Breath of Fire 'Epitaph of Alan and Cerl'

    I really love the very nice work done with the pianos and a little playing tempo in this Breath of Fire mix. There is a small part, which is probably my favourite part of this mix, where the pizzicato seems to pan around in unexpected directions. The chimes seem off some how, but I think that’s due to the fact that it’s not the typical chimes that I’m used to hearing from a lot of songs done in this style. DarkCecil13 puts out a great mix here, and I hope he keeps these coming.

  15. I started listening to this mix and the first thing that happened was I found it too soft and so I decided it had to be listened to through head phones. I put the head phones on and sure enough, major improvement but still sounded like something could be done with the bass and the piano. Maybe if the bass was a little deeper and louder, and the piano had just a tad more volume so it didn't sound so distant.

    When Schala's theme kicks in, that’s incredible. The mixture of that and the Chrono Cross theme are just superb. Too bad it’s so short.

    I love the Chrono Cross theme, it’s probably one of my favourite pieces of orchestrated game music, and I must say that part of this mix was excellently executed. The only thing that I didn't like was the drums, the snare seemed some how muffled or maybe not loud enough, and the crashes seemed possibly too loud and felt like it was stabbing my ears.

    After hearing this I decided "well, better express my thoughts." So I find my way to this topic and see 9 posts of nothing but good things to say about this song. I'm now trying to decide if this is all just my ears, the fact that I just got up and I might be grouchy had a small factor, or if I'm just a total ass who lacks taste.

    Anyways, this is a very excellent song with maybe a few small problems. All songs have a couple, so it’s probably nothing to worry about. Just thought I'd say what I felt about it. Great piece Trptcox, I know you've proven that you do excellent work, and before this I believe I enjoyed everything I heard.

    As for the rest of you... P.. Pl.. Please... Please don't jump on me and act like rabid animals, pretty please.

  16. however I feel that

    most people don't really get off on this sort of audio track, so I'm sure

    it's been deleted more times than it has been listened to.

    And then there are the curious few like myself who thoroughly enjoy this kind of stuff. In my opinion this one is far too short, but as an intro to "Decay of Hope" it does work very well. "Temporal Rehab" is far more chaotic, while "Decay of Hope" maintains a sense of control, yet still very dark. Great work, CotMM.

  17. Tempest 2000 'Underground Mix'

    Wow, we have a very excellent ominous sound here, and I love those female vocal samples. They sound very much like the ones from the theme for Dark Angel. The beat seams to have a continual stabbing to it, which I have always loved to here in music when it is done well, as it defiantly has been here. Excellent mix, vail, feed our ears.

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