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  1. Donkey Kong Country 'Christmas Cave'

    I love what Deimos has done here. A very interesting melody, but don’t think that just because I say melody that it’s boring. This one keeps changing things up, and moves to a new feel, and then back again. Not for those who need high energy techno, or hard core rock to survive, I’ll admit, but calm soothing music has its charm as well. I love this piece, Deimos, great work.

  2. Yoshi's Island 'Yoshi's Lullaby'

    I've been waiting for the chance to review something by McVaffe that isn't Street Fighter. Not that his Street Fighter mixes don’t rock my world, but I just need a change every once in a while. And here it is folks, a big change. This is a nice, soft, and dare I say, cute piano melody. A very peaceful piece of music, and very well done. Great work McVaffe, I love it.

  3. Final Fantasy IX 'Losing Me Is Not an Option'

    When the intro starts, you’re defiantly not expecting break beat, but just wait for it because that’s exactly what you end up with. That and some kick ass vocal samples, and a very deep bassline. Then at around 2:14, I’m not sure exactly what you hear there, but it makes my ears tingle with delight. I also have to say I love the scratches. Man, this one is a real piece of work. Excellent stuff, DJ Pheonix, I hope you keep this stuff coming.

  4. Spy vs. Spy 'Y2K Style'

    Smelling fruity, anybody? I just got a whiff coming off the top. Mostly that plucked instrument, which I can’t say I’m all too fond off. Besides that I would have to say that this one isn't horrible. It’s actually really good. I do like the drum arrangements and the choir synth. Nice Job DJ SheerDark, but please try and get more original samples.

  5. Sonic Crackers 'Dirty Beta'

    This is an awesome hard hitting mix with a lot of high energy and ear engulf strings. Also has an obviously very fruity vowel that takes the song to its end. That is one thing you got to watch, though is if you use generic instruments from a program like FruityLoops (Especially FruityLoops) then you should tweak them to at least attempt to make them sound original, or people might rag on you. Personally, I love the sound. Great work here, Mr. Malcolm.

  6. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Ice Cap Zone (Frozen Knuckles Mix)'

    I love the intro voice sample. I love the bassline. I love the drums. I love the game samples. I love those strings. I love this whole gosh darn mix. Rayza really puts on an excellent show for us here and shows us just what is the fastest thing alive is. As a final note, I just have to say that damn frozen knuckles would hurt. Anyways, excellent work, Rayza, keep it up.

  7. Kirby's Dream Land 'Bubbly Cloud Cafe'

    Wee! I love this. Wee! This is great. Can you guess what my favourite game for Game Boy is? Huh? Can ya? I think I've already given you the broadest hint possible. I’m not going to lie to you here, this mix could have probably totally sucked ass and I would have liked it just because I've waited a long time for this. I was even contemplating doing a Kirby’s Dreamland mix myself, for a while there. And believe me when I say that you would not have wanted to hear that.

    Trying really hard not to be biased now, I have to say I think this one needed a higher bit rate. Some of the cymbals sounded a little off which seems to me that this is usually because of the bit rate being lower then it should be. Besides that I honestly can’t find anything to complain about. Thank you for this excellent piece of work, Mazedude, you just made my day.

  8. M.C. Kids 'po! kidz'

    This is defiantly an interesting piece of work. I’d imagine that Mustin could take any genre of music and make somebody who totally doesn't expect it, and make them like it. And no, I don’t mean by shoving it down their throat or holding a gun to their head, I mean really like it. This one sounds like a jazz piece with one really awesome instrument here which I can’t think of the name glockenspiel maybe? The type of instrument isn't relevant anyways, the fact of the matter is it kicks ass. I love this one Mustin, just excellent, keep it up.

  9. Final Fantasy VII 'Seven Degrees of Judgment'

    I'm going to have to say that my final 'Judgment' for this mix is going to have to be that this one is just not for me. The snare panned to the left is much too loud, to the point of being obnoxious. While I really like the guitar, its reverb has been way over done. Most of the other instruments aren't loud enough to tell if I like them or not, and they more or less sound like a mess all clumped together. Some good stuff here that really shows promise, but maybe next time.

  10. Ghouls'n Ghosts 'Psycho Underpants'

    There are many things that can be said for djpretzel’s excellent pieces of music, stunning sounds, and brilliant experimentation. But does anybody stop to look at these song names? I know we get a lot of really weird ones around here, but I think that djpretzel’s are by far the most consistently crazy. Sorry, I just had to take a break from discussing music, because djpretzel’s stuff kick’s so much ass that there is no need to say much more then just that. djpretzel’s stuff kicks ass. And you’re very welcome.

  11. Street Fighter II 'Retro Russian'

    Yet another excellent McVaffe Street Fighter remix, they just keep on coming, and I keep on loving them. The synth in this mix seems to be more the fore front then the previous stuff I’ve heard, and what a nice change it is, but I think I prefer more realistic sounding instruments as the lead. Regardless, an excellent piece here by McVaffe.

  12. Final Fantasy V 'ROBOVoice'

    If this mix is anything, it’s a very memorable happy tune. I am noticing a pattern that the mixes with lyrics are usually the most memorable to me, although not usually my favourites. Joe Redifer has very comical excellent lyrics here, with the perfect instrumental to match. Great work here, Mr. Redifer.

  13. Mega Man 3 'Blue Lightning'

    I like everything about this mix except the bit rate, and the length. I mean I see why he lowered the bit rate to 96, for the sake of keeping the song 8 minutes and 40 seconds long. But I’m questioning whether that length is really necessary. Regardless of my opinions of quality, this mix still has its saves. The synths and the bassline for example, really make my day. Thanks for a very nice and long mix, Disco Dan.

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