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  1. Escape from Monkey Island 'Metal Monkey'

    This mix is excellent, classic rock guitar, and awesome drums. Its not often that we hear well done guitar around here, so when we do get it, it's a real treat. The drums might be a little load and a repetitive sounding after a couple of bars, but beyond that I can't complain at all. Excellent piece of work, Ryan8bit, I want more of this... please. :)

  2. Well, if you don't mind something a little different, this one is excellent. Starts off with a steady static beat, and a voice sample from the movie "Pitch Black" where (if you haven't yet seen it) much like Magus, the bad guy becomes one of the good guys, if only because they all have a similair goal in mind. Now as I said at first, you have to have an open mind for stuff thats a little different. CotMM's industrial style is not for those with sensitive ears. The static gives this a feeling of the dark character that its about, in my opinion. Great work, CotMM.

  3. I keep telling myself one of these days I *will* go back and re-do everything with other programs (or maybe just a little more attention to detail), but the sad truth is that my other various projects are just kinda getting in the way.

    Thats the right additude man. My suggestion is don't ditch Fruity Loops right off the bat. A lot of amazing things can (and have) come out of fruity and quite a few have ended up here and most people can't tell what it was made with (well I can't.) Keep on keepin' on.

  4. Bubble Bobble 'This Is Not a True Ending (Asphyxiation)'

    Personally, I think this mix is great especially that part that starts at about 0:54. Throughout the rest of the mix, the distortion makes it sound like really heavy guitars or something. And the best part about this mix is that if you don’t like this one, there is even another version with the same title without the Asphyxiation. Awesome work, Children of the Monkey Machine, keep it up.

  5. Chrono Trigger 'Millenial Fair 2001'

    This one makes me wish that Millenniums would happen more often. I guess I’ll just have to stick to using that catch phrase “Let’s party like its 2999!” every time I play this one. Zeratul seriously deserves a lot of props for this piece. He puts together electronic pieces based on game melodies, and still maintains the feeling and inspiration of the original song like not many people can. I especially like the voice sample in this piece. Excellent work, Zeratul, keep us dancing.

  6. Final Fantasy VII 'Cid (Solace Simplicity)'

    Of all the stuff Children of the Monkey Machine has done, this is probably my least favourite, but admittedly for no good reason. It’s not that this one is not good; it’s just that it doesn't grab me like his other stuff does. The drums do sound substandard compared to most of his work, but I can’t complain about the piano in this one at all. It’s very sweet, especially starting at 1:24. Nice work, Children of the Monkey Machine, keep it up.

  7. Top Gear 'Track 1 (Final Nitro Mix)'

    Rayza uses a lot of samples to give this track the feel that it deserves. The music is no slouch at all, either. I love the very nice drum work, and a nice bassline. This is one game that I have played a lot of, and even attempted to remix this specific song (as well as a few others) myself, failing miserably, of course. But Rayza really puts it where it’s at with this piece, excellently driven Rayza, way to save that Nitro for the perfect moment.

  8. Vortex 'Groove-Mecha'

    What a Groove indeed. McVaffe just never stops pumping out these awesome ear massaging vibrations. They make me cry for large cini-bun head phones that would do these songs much more justice. There just isn't much more that I can say without repeating myself. This is excellence, McVaffe, sheer excellence.

  9. Red Alert 'Hell March (Red Scare)'

    I get the feeling that many people avoid doing mixes of songs like these, because the original is done so well, trying to mix it, and make it sound better on top of that is an intimidating feat. mellogear certainly doesn't let intimidation get in the way here, instead he drives right on through it with the reverbed guitars, 303’s, and flanged techno drums. It puts a much different spin on the Hell March that you’re used to hearing. Good job, mellogear, keep it up.

  10. Mega Man 2 'Hot Flashes Man'

    Here comes our beloved djpretzel again with his funky names, funky tunes, and of course, funky beats. Apparently Hot Flashes aren't just for women any more. They’re for Robots too. Do I really need to say it? Do I have to tell you that this tune is great, a must have? Must explain to you how much the ending makes me feel alive inside? I’ll just say, it’s totally awesome, man! And leave it at that. As always, great work, djpretzel, keep it up!

  11. William Wobbler 'A William Wobbler Christmas'

    This one is a much more up beat Christmas tune then most. It’s comparable to Jingle Bells, but only if it’s done by one heck of an innovative and imaginative orchestra. And the name Slow Poison defiantly doesn't suit this, I’d say that’s really got to go. Besides the name, Mr. Poison, I love this piece work. Go to court and get something done about that.

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