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  1. Great job on the SF tracks man. I'm a young movie and music critic and I liked your work.

  2. What's up with chinatown fair? I want to kill some 3S scrubs. -A
  3. Here is more info. Update the first post if you'd like.
  4. www.planetskill.com is now up and running. This will be the home to a slew of good stuff like new music, remixes, and the home of our latest project "The Last Gallery"(which is what we displayed at Magfest 5) which will be released by the end of this month in full. Feel free to register and leave comments. I'd love to hear from ya. -AE aka A_Rival, the electromexican
  5. Yo, The beat is pretty sick, nice and clean and pretty saucy, I like how the piano takes command, it's never off-key, The horn is kinda cheesy but it works with the rest, and the scratching you put in certainly passes the test, with high honors, nice samples by the way, but the golden shower line is borderline gay speaking of your speaking, the voice was too low, if you put some more compression you might sound like a pro, overall this mix is fun to hear, but my ear, is hurt by the fact that your voice is hard to hear, like the improv, it was a great take on the theme, dj crono? d
  6. Hey hey, I actually remember showing the beginning of the mix to DiscoDan a long time ago(I don't know if he remembers), and he told me that his mix started pretty much the same way. There's absolutely no chance that either mix had anything to do with each other. The only time when a mix of the same song actually had an effect on another was Bubbleman. I heard his mix, and figured that I didn't want to go the same route as he did. That's a huge reason why my Bubbleman mix is so strange, per se. As for the song structure, DD's pointed it out before If you hear the later mixes, the
  7. I swear to god he's not me. We are in the same band, which explains the similarity in style. But he kicks assets in his own way, in some ways better than I do. STILL. If you like the jams we display, you're gonna love our original shiznit. http://www.planetskill.com It's not up yet, but when it is, you are going to fear the power that is Wave Theory! ...just not yet! Enjoy the jams. Æ
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