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    I am an up and coming remixer, that has been into remixes of pokemon themes for a very long time. this is what my work will solely be: pokemon theme remixes from all of the games. I use Garageband to create all of my mixes, and i create them entirely from memory. i also add plenty of interpretation through solos and various synths. so please, enjoy!

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  1. So here's something that is a little different than my typical style. I still changed the time signature (as I often do): this time from 4/4 to 7/4 (hence, 74 Hz). However, what makes this different to my normal style is the fact that I went for a little more chill vibe and used different types of instruments. It is not very synth heavy. The primary "rhythm section" consists of a keyboard, set drum, and electric bass. Check it out!
  2. https://www.box.com/s/6vhk9v8q7bhtbr24ry2k Man it's been a while since I've posted here! Anyways, the above link is a "completed" version of the song, as in, all the bits and pieces to make it a cohesive song are there. Take a listen and tell me what you like and don't like! Thanks!
  3. I feel like the introduction does not fit well with the feeling you have going on right after the drop. The drums by themselves have a harsh articulation on their own. The wub that backs the track was very repetitive and ended up getting a bit annoying, as it never changed (no leveling or even effects were changed on the wub) so I would suggest a bit of variety. I feel like you could have added a bit more to the drops, as the others before me have said. It feels like it should go somewhere larger, not just with a tempo change, but the instrumentation should change instead! Also, hello fellow East of Eden fan!
  4. I think the evidence points most to Sylveon being a flying type. What made me think it as a flying type the most was the fact that it looked a TON like Skyla, with a similar color scheme and the ribbons and pink/red hair and such. My theory is that this little guy was supposed to be released 5th generation and be Skyla's featured partner Pokemon, but they decided against it for whatever reason they wanted (probably for the same reason they decided Alomamola wasn't Luvdisk's evolution, just to screw with everyone lolol). On the topic of Pokemon X and Y, I've been making some concept melodies for X/Y out of B2/W2 soundfonts. Take a listen if you'd like! << Route 3 Theme (Concept) << Cave Theme (Concept)
  5. Just registered! My username is AImightyArceus, with an "i" instead of an "l" in "Almighty". EDIT: Just realized that this doesn't work on Macs D: So I guess I can't actually play
  6. That's what I had tried to establish in the beginning with the background synth playing the 5th and sharp 5th in alternation. I have a feeling that when I adjust the volume between the beginning and the chorus to make them more equal, that tension will become a bit more establish. I might add a few more synths in that section to establish it a bit more. Thank you all so much for these fantastic comments! I am working on this mix right now, and I should have a more updated WIP coming soon!
  7. Here's a remix I've been working on for a little while; a remix of the Shoal Cave theme into 5/4 time signature. Tell me how you think it's coming along so far! I think it's one of my best remixes I've made! It's not completed yet, but the parts that are done are sounding good to me! Tell me what you think! Link: https://www.box.com/s/9zqksc8yjcc3hl6ns9vz Source:
  8. I was gonna make a dixieland song, but then I realized that synthesized drums suuuuck D: But I was also working on "Mystery" from Lego Island.
  9. Sorry guys I've have a mix in the works but it's still in the works. I hadn't an opportunity to start the remix until last Sunday due to my schedule. Sometimes life gets in the way. :/
  10. I'd like to sign up as a novice for this round! As I've listed before, I use Garageband as my mixing software, but also own Pro Tools (but I haven't ever remixed using it)
  11. I think it's iTunes autoleveling it. I'm not sure why it does that when I export from Garageband... And I can add another snare like it; I actually have tons of snares that sound VERY close to it. And I'll get on dat vibrato!
  12. Updated with a new synth in there for some melodic variance. Not really like the moog from Thing of Gold, but I think this new one I added does the trick https://www.box.com/s/v7m5xumws0fujg7l6acq
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