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  1. so that means i can download them down on my computer? and watch them when i want to? any specific media player i need to use?
  2. Something that helps me is to actually say, okay this piece what kind of feeling would i like to experience, then go do it in real world while start humming some random melody feel if its appropriate and so on... I worked this way making world map themes or towns, In the way that if i walk while thinking on the subject i can relate to the feeling of traversal better than being in a studio... smartphone works good to get the Melodies down while it looks odd singing on a public street i don't care i need the inspiration recorded when its there
  3. Quick question are you able to download these tutorials for future use or is it a limited period? i don't have time to dedicate tutorials on a weekly basis. Thanks.
  4. I was thinking to check it out considering I already been playing with the of shifting to another DAW. after about 9 years of handling Fruity Loops. But then again i did purchase the signature edition might be a good idea to get those moneys worth at least 10 years yet. glad to see they are still improving there software. Love the touch features they incorporated.
  5. Welcome too the forum, im new to this place too well been around since 2010. I wish you the best of luck, you certainly need it , i feel like Music is one of the most closed forms of communities pretty scared about telling secrets and expensive to hire help too. but if you keep your head low and your mental focus intact i bet you do fine. i love that a age has arrived where everyone is able to experiment with sounds and create there own take on classic songs they heard while growing up. so here's to the future and what it might give you of dreams and hope, one last thing judging by your tracks
  6. Im kind of looking for a laptop or Mini ATX tower i can travel around with. i figured i could buy the BitFenix Tower solution. but still wondering if its worth it. i can't move to Mac even though imageline has shown future might be bright for there support im wondering if its worth going entirely SSD and it probably is 16 gb as minimum and then a I7 core processor as minimum. thats a quite hefty price in Laptop area... and the laptops doesn't really hold battery life to greatly when i look at the possibilities so i am going more towards a dedicated small Mini ATX tower and buying a portable U
  7. I Think the reason I like music is because the sounds make me comfortable, I never liked vocals, because I associate it with my poor relations to people in the past.. However i really love the idea of music being a language to feelings, it's like a whole other world. Where I can get out what I want to say indirectly. So for me music is very much personal and deeply integrated to my beliefs in what truly matters in this world.
  8. Hello there i posted some tracks a few years back and i respect that those were a bit to poor, I have since tried to improve my style and somehow after playing a lot of Doom. I created this tune which reminds of the Old Midi Dos Soundtrack and not the heavily used and i guess preferred Metal sounds. I am mostly a Electronic artist so my ways of enjoying music is by hearing all sort of Synthesizer music. Descent Midi soundtrack to Dos is highly regarded a favorite from that period also in my book. i wish i could make that soundtrack justice one day and return the favor by adding my own style t
  9. Hey i don't post much here, this is my first take on trying to make a real remix inspired by my latest onslaught of doom. I hope you guys can see what i tried to go for. I am not much for the Metal influences i like the more spacy synth tracks that Boppy Prince made. So without further adou this is it. http://soundcloud.com/catscratchz/imps-returning-a-new-doom-is/download
  10. Nice for a first attempt it was cool listening to how you just messed around with it but still got some listenable sounds through. hehe nice work.
  11. Ive been listening to this 3 times now and i must say it sounds quite good overall. lot of variation, i mostly prefer the staccato bass string that the connection between the intro and those strings had been more provoking or a bit more interesting if you had introduced those strings a bit more creatively as they really sound nice and the way it builds up through that part is quite pleasing. overall nice tune. Very catchy ^^ however the synthesizer sound is not that pleasing but it does sounds a bit interesting with the guitars and the added progression in the beat.
  12. Hi people i wanted to post my track heavily inspired by Koji Kondo (Dire Dire Docks) I hope ya don't mind and go easy on me i first started composing about a year ago and still have a lot to learn sadly link: http://www.themusichutch.com/listen.php?songid=82514
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