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  1. The song makes me awake the feelings of my childhood and makes me a little bit sad because I remember this was make as a tribute to Satoru Iwata becuase now he's gone Very good track, I really like the feeling that the vocals add to the song. If I had to say something bad about the song that would be sound around 2:10 - 2:13. But nothing special about the composition. Good job.
  2. I'll be buying it for sure The day that FFX goes to PC... that would be great. I they were able to make the FFs from PSX and PS3 to work on PC, there should be no problem with the PS2 ones.
  3. I would say that videogames are an art by themselves. I'll try to explain my point of view: I see videogames as a balance of all the known arts, like architecture (level desing, building design), music (soundtracks), paintings (all the texture the game has or sprites in case of 2D games), sculptures (all the models a video game uses), literature (the story of the game), engineering (the mechanics behind it) and for some people, the math, the logic behind it could be like some kind of art (you need imagination to program all those games too). I may be missing (for sure) some other familes. That balance is the true art in the videogames, as some of them may be more balanced toward music (Guitar hero, Vib-Ribbon), literature (Broken Sword, Dear Esther), engineering (Portal, Antichamber), etc... but usually is a mix between all those. And like all the art there's also quality wich determines if it's good or not.
  4. I really like the mix in general, it doesn't sound bad, but I noticed some thing that I would like to highlight (at least for me) : The beggining was a little bit odd in my opinion, too long until the drum kicked in, you start to hate the jingle bells a little bit, but then it blends good with the song. The other thing is the sax that enters at 1:26. It has a strange reverb, like too much. I liked the end of the song too but just those things I pointed out. Nice Job
  5. What a good work, I like it. Like Chernabogue says there are some weird articulations, I noticed that too, but nothing special. I really like that you feel the Main Theme of Chrono Trigger the whole time, and also you notice the other songs in a subtle way. A good flow on the song and a good work.
  6. True, makes sense. English is not my main tongue so exuse me if I make mistakes like that and thanks. Also good luck to MindWanderer, looks like is the same position I am.
  7. Oh, when I said letting all the orchestral thing apart I meant for some time. I use "growing up" as synonym of learning. For example, maybe I know how to write a beautiful song just using a piano and a violin, but I don't have ANY idea on how to do the sounds of dubstep music or how to use them correctly. You're right about that the electronic music doesn't requiere as much work as the orchestral does, but since I was a child I have been studying only classical music, and that's why learning electronic music means "growing up"(at least for me). But as I said at first, I'll never stop doing orchestral music, because is my favourite genre
  8. Thank you for all that responses everyone, you guys seem to have understand it just right. What Jorito and Garpocalyse said: "to me the sky is the limit and any style and genre is possible" and "you are relying on the humanization inherent in sample libraries and don't really understand how to replicate that in a midi file for a synth" makes sense because synthesizing your own sounds gives you that, no limit, and it's overwhelming, and if you don't understand how to replicate what you're wanting in a synth, makes you quit quickly when you want to try something new, and that stop you from growing up as musician. What Timaeus said may also be true, that my lazyness is what makes me not wanting to stop and make my own sounds, because I always have that "shortcuts" that I can always use to make music quickly. It's my job to work on making sounds now and I should study more other genres, true. Also thanks for your tips as always. And what AngelCityOutlaw said : I didn't meant to say that I want to abandon the orchestral music, because I love it and it's probably what I'm going to use most in the future, I just said that I want to learn more about electronic music to grow up as musician. Your idea of hybrid scores is a good idea and maybe I should try to start doing that and getting more into my "panic zone". Thanks for the example too, I'll try to learn from Zircon some things (he has good tutorials). I'll try to no repeat one same thing over and over again, I hate that, so long live the melody of the songs. And one last thing, thank you Rozovian for the synths and tips too. I didn't know the Elek7ro II but the NoiseMaker was probably one of my first VSTs, but I never thought it could be useful, because I didn't like most of the presets and is just... free. (In my head, usually free = not useful) I tried to reply to everyone so thank you everyone once again
  9. Hello everyone. Recently I've found myself using too much sfz libraries instead of synthesizing sounds by my own, and also I think part of doing that is my fear of not knowing what I'm doing. I consider myself a very antiquated or classical musician, I prefer orchestral music over electronic music (that doesn't mean I don't like it) and maybe that's why I also find my self very dependant of orchestral or real instruments sfz / plugins. So I'm here to ask for some help on how can I "grow up" and let all this orchestral thing apart to learn more about electronic souds or how to make music without having all the "classical" thing in my head while I do it (like tending to use classical instruments for example).
  10. I don't know how you're able do it, it must be that I don't know how to use it properly but I'm unable to make a great use of it, and I want to know how to make a great use of it.
  11. I've recently come from summer holidays, and now I'm getting ready to start studying Software Development. This summer I haven't had acess to my house, so I've lost some skill playing music, so I'll have to start to practice
  12. This is all about marketing and I think it will dissapoint us all (I hope to get wrong). I remember seeing something like this some years ago, also about pokemon and it wasn't "the greatest thing" (Maybe it was the same). The ARG is still far away, and now all there is are just gimmicks.
  13. If I were you I would play it on the PSX or using an emulator. I tried playing old games on the PS3 and sometimes they were some problems on the graphics (I have the original CDs) I don't know why, It even happend on the PS2 games... maybe it was just my PS3
  14. That makes things a easier, meaning less farming, meaning they're devaluating the Hellfire items, meaning (maybe) that a new and better items will come with this update to substitute those leveling items?
  15. Now I'm hyped too, damn
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