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  1. Man; I've replied to like a total of 5 threads EVER in my years here, and I dug my log-in from the depths so I could comment on this. It is AMAZING and I love it. I agree with Crulex, the synth and the drums/tempo really give it an old-school vibe... totes better than the original! Great work!
  2. This REALLY reminds me of BB's "Why So Serious?", which I also love!
  3. Also gonna necropost because HOLY GEEZE, MAN. I've never heard of this game and didn't listen to the source first, but I was dancing less than one second in. I love this!! I actually prefer your upbeat version over the original... any chance this isn't completely dead?
  4. Dearest Zircon, Firstly, this is one of my favorite remixes on all of OCRemix. Secondly, were you aware that this song is used in a theatre production entitled "Boobs and Goombas"? And by theatre production I mean a Super Mario Burlesque show. Two girls dressed like ghosts dance to it, and... it... was a surprisingly fitting song.
  5. BEST. TITLE. EVER. Pretty chill song! The little interlude between the melody at the 2/3s or so part is nice; it's got kind of a ocean-waves flow to it. I also dig the Windfish Ballad cameo thrown in!
  6. Second ever post after years of lurking = GO! Okay, so I'm a huge Mother fan... and so I love this. I totally forgot it was the Fridge song; in the music player I think it's called "Flying Watchamacallit", which I ASSUMED was the Mr. Saturn Bird... Cage... Contraption. I'm not very.... technical about music, so I don't know how helpful this will be, but... I like the intro, but I think that the song on the whole is a bit reptitive? About halfway through you just kinda start over and repeat. I do like the melody you made to go with it, and I agree that it needs something to go with it, the original song it too plain by itself. I've always thought that the Love Theme (or the faster town version ) would go well with the chord progression? Or maybe you could incorporate the Sky Runner theme from Mother 2, another similar song? Or something, you've chosen a good direction to start with!Please keep up the good work! We need more Mother love.
  7. I'm going! I'm going to be in the artist alley, selling my nerd wares. I am kind of sad that I'll be stuck at my table and won't be able to go to many panels, though... I might have to get a friend watch it for me so I can go to the Megaman panel on Friday.