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  1. You are Not Alone! is definitely begging for lyrics. I started writing some (not so good ones) myself a few years ago, but yours are definitely better. The first verse seems a lot choppier than the rest of the singing. Not sure if that's intentional or not, but it seems like it could flow a little better if you smoothed out that very beginning. I suppose it could be intentional, since the original and mix have a sort of choppier start. Two examples of how vocals might sound smoothed out. First verse smoothed out, in my natural singing voice, a bit lower than yours First verse, just smoothed out, in my higher voice I'll be looking forward to hearing your finished product.
  2. I'd love to hear it, and I'm sure Walan would like to as well. I wonder if Arek is even still co-co-coordinating this...I haven't seen anything from him in this thread, and I've only talked to him on AIM a few times, once about the project only. Anyway, go ahead and send anything you have along to Walan and I to have a listen.
  3. A bump to bring this back up on the forum list. Also, just checking in to say that GLL and I are still trying to work on something for the England theme. Lyrics are written (by yours truly...so, they probably suck. Haha). GLL is working with the music, and I'm still trying to provide vocals in a key he likes, lmao. Anyway, to the rest of you: Keep up the remixing, and for anyone still interested, there are still 4 tracks available: Title Screen India Japan Ending/Credits Looks like Akumu's server is down, so the nsfe is currently unavailable. If you want a copy of the nsf files, and don't want to search, send me a PM and I can email you a copy. Please, any remixers with a WIP, check in from time to time, and let us know we're still working.
  4. There is no OCR without Nice Work! NONE! I thought spending $27 for Greyhound and 3 city buses would have been too expensive. I'm sure that's nothing compared to your flight. I was planning on busing out there, and spending the night as well. Thanks for my family calling me LAST MINUTE to babysit my cousin. Worst part is - my dad didn't even have to work Friday night, so I didn't have to babysit until last night. But since I was already here, I couldn't just get up and head to Greyhound to tell my 13 year old cousin I was going to go meet a bunch of strangers (and 5 people I already knew), since she's already tried to hook it up with some 24+ year old guys from the internet. I'm trying to set a GOOD example, and not let her think it's okay to meet random folk she doesn't know. The only reason I go to the meetups is because I know a couple people there, and it's not just total strangers. Anyway, glad you guys had fun. Hopefully I'll be free for the next one! And maybe I'll finally have a car - if I can afford one. Sucks being broke.
  5. I would, but she's the type that's likely to end up eventually meeting the WRONG people from the internet. This would only encourage her to think its okay.
  6. And I'm here...babysitting my 13-year-old cousin. Oh well, at least I still have the mini So-Cal Transformers "meet-up" that Hemo inspired me to put together. I'm going to go cry now. Or play City of Heroes. Have fun all!
  7. Change in plans... My family decided they're going out of town for the weekend, and they're leaving my 13 year old cousin by herself at my parents' house. And they want me to go stay the night there so she isn't alone. I guess this works out better than spending $27 anyway. Sorry all!
  8. And while I do all that, I'll be carrying the meet-up's PS2, a few games (feel free to bring some of your own games as well), a change of clothes, and if I have room, perhaps a sleeping bag. Maybe I should try to detach the kitchen sink... But if anyone is driving through Claremont (it's on the 210 Freeway, just west of the 15 freeway) I would appreciate a ride.
  9. Is anyone going to be going through Claremont on their way to the meetup? If so, I need a ride! I'm checking out Metrolink right now, though.
  10. If after hearing a preview, you are in fact interested in joining the project you will have to wait for Lea or Kyle to come online and give you more info, because I don't know if they are still bringing people on or not - since they want to get this thing done as soon as possible. Basically, as a site project they want OCR quality and better. Many of the songs I have heard include live instruments when suitable. Here's a link to the Tales Project forum, and it has the latest 2 previews of music from the project. CLICK ME! Kyle or Lea should be around eventually. Kyle's under the weather - so he'll be at his computer at sporadic intervals throughout the day, but I don't know if Lea is even around a computer at the moment.
  11. Perhaps you can send it my way (I'm still waiting for Walan to send it along, anyway). I'll give it a listen, and when I see Walan online, I can remind him to listen, and we can discuss.
  12. Hmmm...England may soon be claimed. Don't know for sure yet. But if it is, it will be chock-full of awesome goodness!
  13. BUMP! Avaris, sorry for taking so long. I just now checked my mail account where OCR notifications are sent. As soon as I get home from work & school for the day, I'll download and listen. I think I speak for myself, Walan, and Arek when I say that all new WIPs are greatly welcomed! =D I don't know if either of them have gotten back to you yet or not, but again I am sorry for not replying to you before.
  14. You're bumping us all...with love. Sounds a little dirty.
  15. Have you even looked around the projects threads? If you want to talk about lazy-asses, talk about some of the coordinators.
  16. Bump! And, Walan, I don't know what you think, but maybe listing the track titles/numbers in the first post would be helpful if a random musical genius wanders upon the thread, and is intrigued, and wants to know where to start?
  17. The current nsf does not give titles to each track, and they are out of order. (They are neither alphabetical, nor in the order they appear in the game) So, to clarify a little for any new mixers considering the project, here is a list of the track names, and their corresponding track number on the nsf available here: http://megatwerp.com/akumusnsf/S/Super%20Dodge%20Ball.nsf Title: 16 All Stars: 6 England: 2 India: 7 Iceland: 3 China: 5 Kenya: 4 Japan: 1 USSR: 8 Shadow: 9/19 VS Play: 11 Bean Ball:10 Credits/Staff Roll: 21 Set-up Team: 18 Loading/start round: 13
  18. Well, I finally decided to make myself useful, and I sent out a PM or two today. Maybe this'll lead to some more tracks being claimed? Also, don't wait for Walan, Arek, or I to contact you! If you are interested in the project, tell us. Even better, if something sparks your interest, go ahead and start up a WIP, if we have something to listen to from you, we will be more likely to want to have you on the team! So, let's get out there and start bringing this project home. The main page shows 7 tracks available, but Arek has us believing that a secret remixer is working on one of the tracks...but he won't even tell Walan or I what track it is! So, that means there's really probably 6 available, unless one of the tracks is being duplicated. Which is just fine, as long as they're both nice work. I sent a PM requesting 1 or 2 tracks to be remixed if the remixer is up for it. The remixer will be revealed later if it is agreed. So, the tracks are getting snatched up now. Grab one while you can! In other news: sadorf let me hear his latest version of the intro, and it's really sounding good. Keep it up, sadorf! Happy mixing
  19. It should be more like 10 remixes, M I RITE!?!
  20. Turtlemix vs Dr. Mario was BASED on my BEERmix (Chillin' with Dr. Mario). So, thank you Walan for believing that I might only subject the world to the torture of my cat and chicken duet once. And, I guess thank you Timber, for knowing I'm just not that nice. ;P Anyway, I'm searching for "turtle" on my computer, assuming that turtle was in the filename. But, I'm willing to bet that the track is long gone, either becuse I didn't want it anymore, and got rid of it, or because I had all of my music on a used hard drive I bought from a friend, and it turns out that everytime I would defrag the drive, it would piece-match different mp3s together. And any of those I could find, I had to delete, since they were no good anymore.
  21. I shall download and listen when I get home from work today. I too remember the original. I also remember the one with my crappy vocals. ;P Maybe that should be included in the IMC thread, in exchange for my lack of a turtlemix. Hmm.
  22. Okay, so the 5 IMC 10 files I'm adding are: GenDisc: Psychrophyte_-_Its_ Difficult_to_Demix_Isnt_It.mp3 Raven8t8_-_Insomnia_Two_Feet.mp3 Star_Salzman_-Its_hard_to_stand_next_to_me_when_im_so_freaking_seasick.mp3 UnMod: Last_Unicron_-_Its_Difficult_To_Keep_Both_Feet_In_One_Genre.mp3 Suzumebachi_-_Breaking_the_Habit.mp3
  23. I have 5 IMC 10 Songs that I'm sending to KyleJCrb to upload for me (I have nowhere to upload them) Also, did you want the names for each of the IMC contests? Since only 16+ have names for them. IMC 1: Devil's Lab IMC 2: Mario Triplets IMC 3: Azure Lake Zone IMC 4: UniFox Zero IMC 5: Not So Final Fantasy IMC 6: MegaMen who are not MegaMan IMC 7: ? (I don't have this one...Maybe it's like BEER 7; doesn't exist ;p ) IMC 8: Ask Mr.Owl IMC 9: Mine all Mine IMC 10: The Big One IMC 11: February Mermaid IMC 12: Sonic in the City IMC 13: I Find Xiaoyu Attractive IMC 14: Do Not Forget Your Sword IMC 15: Anyone Need Some Exp? IMC 16: Life ISFair I'm still dissapointed that in IMC 15 nobody remixed FF5 Battle, FF5 Clash on the Big Bridge, and FF9 Battle together. That's the whole reason I suggested the premise (3 battle themes, 2 different games) to Timber!
  24. What's the difference between songs listed in black and those listed in green? I had a bunch at one point, but I think I went through and deleted the crappy ones, so I may not be of much help. On another note: Was "Tales of Solitude" even released? I remember coming up with crappy lyrics for it. I think I did 2 sets of lyrics for that IMC. One for sadorf and NutS, and another for GLL. But, I was really congested when it came time to record, and they all ended up sounding like crap. Needless to say, GLL being the perfectionist he is didn't use my lyrics (or I was too afraid to send them to him). I only made sadorf suffer...who in turn made all IMC listeners suffer. >=D
  25. 'Tis still fun, though. No? I played through it pretty quickly last year just to show KyleJCrb how awesome the music is, since he's all absorbed in some project about like spirits and tales and stuff. Pffft.
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