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  1. I thought it was silently agreed to never mention that cursed phenomenon of Grand-Mastery ever again!!! And, Me: Did you ever play Super Dodge Ball? 'cause there's a project that's been around OCR for the past year or two...maybe three? that needs more remixers. http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=57352&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 SGX: hehe. i think i got asked to do this like a year ago SGX: no i haven't played that game, and i'm not really interested in a remix at the moment
  2. This is a bump! Finals this week...which means I'll be away from the internet for a while. (I say that as though I'm actually around it to begin with...) But, good news: In January, I'll be working in the computer labs on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, so I'll have 4-5 hours of free internetting time then. So...yeah. BUMP!
  3. ...Just, what, exactly, do you expect us to do!?! I bet you're wearing a leather teddy, and stilletto high heels right now, aren't you...AREN'T YOU!?! And, also, thank you, NutS for your support!
  4. Well, I have billions of minutes to spare, so as long as you call when it's night minutes for you, it's all good. Mondays I get off work at 3pm, and normally get home around...eh...5:30ish (8:30ish Eastern)? So, if you call around then it'll be free for you, and I'll have about 2,000 minutes to spare (yay for Roll-over?). Other nights, I get home around 6:30ish, so as long as you're not busy sleeping or studying at 9:30 your time, you could get a hold of me then. I don't remember if I gave you my new cell phone number or not...that can be done through a PM, I suppose. Weekends are free all the time, though. Also: Please, anyone who can get online at regular intervals every day, and is willing to bring this project to the greatness it should be, come forward and speak up!
  5. Oh, so that really WAS a knife in your pocket? I thought you were just really happy to see me finally. Anyway, is there anyone else interested in this project? I have offered to take over, but I don't have much access to the Internet right now, so we need someone with a good, steady access, and also a desire to make this project come to fruition.
  6. NuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I don't know if you got the message on Facebook yet or not, but I'm willing to try my hand at taking over. No...I don't have internet at home yet, but I have access Monday through Friday when I'm on campus. And, I have plenty of minutes on my cell phone that I never use, that I can use to harrass people if necessary. I don't want this project to die, and I'll do my best to try to take it over, if you want me to do so! ...HI OCR!!! Whee, look at the crappy sig I made a while back, but it never caught on.
  8. Hahaha, I think I quit on the SPOILERS Dragovian Trials after the...I think it was the third version he went to decided to just kill a couple of party members in one turn. END SPOILERS With the game having been so easy up to that point, I just decided it wasn't worth screwing around with. I'm only at the second dragon, and I've managed to live long enough to see that he's got over 6225HP. So, I'm running around the Heavenly Dais trying to level up...but, eh, it's probably not helping too much when I'm already level 48. Levelling up takes forever now.
  9. This thread is still around? Okay, any Dragon Quest VIII players out there? What are your thoughts on the bonus dungeon bosses? GOSH DANG THOSE GUYS ARE TOUGH!
  10. The...title screen doesn't have anyone doing it? :'( This makes me very sad! Please, someone take that up! Not remixing the title screen is like...well, it's just not cool! Somoene! Anyone!?
  11. I'd offer my support, but I don't know if analoq would be willing to finish THIS little remix. It's of "It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It?" from ICQ-10 (anyone remember that?) Otherwise, I do have complete lyrics for it, that could be redone, if anyone would be interested in it...
  12. If anyone still needs a plugin that is capable of decoding NSFe format files, you can find it here. NotsoFatso Winamp Plugin.
  13. Super Dodge Ball NSFe file Okay, the file is now uploaded, and should be downloadable. But, what do we use to play it? >_>
  14. The link doesn't appear to work. :'( Maybe uploding the file elsewhere, and hosting it from there would be a better idea. If you send it to me, I could upload it for ya.
  15. I wish I had some musical talent. I grew up with good ol' Super Dodgeball, and the flashing screen because the NES couldn't handle the...well...NES graphics. But, as LB pointed out toward the beginning, Nex's remix is for the win. Is he even around anymore? Maybe he'd help out, too.
  16. Anyone have any hints for that guy after Kuja at the end of FF9? He's probably not the all-time hardest boss...but, he's been giving me quite a bit of trouble for a little while now.
  17. ... How...how...how can you insult the original NES music from Dragon Warrior!?! Sure, after a while, it does get...maybe...a little...umm...not great. But, that's why there is battle music, town music, castle music, cave music, and sound effects... Although, I must admit, that while I play Dragon Warrior on my NES, and my cousin plays along with me on my computer using Nester, I tend to set this song on loop, and say "Now, THIS is the way Dragon Warrior music should sound." Hehe.
  18. Mmmm....trancy. =D Alright, so I'm not one for l33t reviews... Nice work, guys. Very nice indeed.
  19. Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, snaaaaaaaaaap! *sees some cookies, and goes away*
  20. YAY! Your sig works fine, Kimari. Welcome =D Edit...checked back today, and its not linking. I'll upload it for ya to my site for OCR sigs, and give you the link as soon as you get your butt home, and get on AIM *though, you'll probably already be on AIM before you check here* Ahh, here's the link, anyway: http://www.geocities.com/faris_ff5/OCRsigs/Kimari.txt
  21. Right now, I'm going through FF7 again, and this time I'm building up my materia (I have 2 mimes and 2 final attacks now =D) As soon as I get everyone up to level 99, I'm gonna go and kick some major Weapon butt! (And, I'm also gonna see what each of the characters has for their final stats so that I know which characters will make up the best team, and also so I know which characters are best to use in subsequent playings of the game.) So far, I haven't been able to beat Emerald or Ruby Weapon in FF7, so they are my two all time hardest bosses.
  22. First, I'll start it off with a smiley Great job, Gecko. I like the tempo, and the "yeah" and "woo woo woo" (whatever it is) that shows up, gives it character. Keep it up! Last, I'll end with a smiley
  23. I love the guitar that holds it together throughout, and how it builds up until 2:45, where it dies only to come back with the piano solo at 2:50 until the end.
  24. Yaaay!!! Remix of battle music (can't go wrong with that for an FF game!) AND A CELL PHONE!?! Whooooooooaaa!! Great work!
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