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  1. This is the mix to listen to on an evening like tonight. Thunder rumbles closer and lightning strikes the sky, bahaha! A silver flash illuminates the dull grey of the world for one perfect second, half-remembered, and is gone.
  2. Like a flag at half mast as frames click fast Not a thing will last as past is past Like stacks of thoughts that got played and worn Used over and over till they were tired and torn Like a broken clock that can't tell time Like a thick ass book that's filled with wack rhymes Like a scorching blaze that burned the sand Like a band that planned and planned and planned And flew down like a raven in the dark of night And snatched up the worm helpless to fight And brought it back to the nest singing microphone check One two one two this is just a test Like sand in one hand You can't hold for long Like scheming on a plan that goes all wrong Like fudge and caramel they're not the same And it's a shame all you talk is game You act like a diamond waiting to be set In a gold ring, as if, I bet As time goes by in this give and take As long as I learn I will make mistakes What do I want? What do I need? Why do I want it? What's in it for me? It's the imagery of technology Is what you get is what you see Don't worry your mind When you give it your best One two one two this is just a test
  3. This is an amazing remix. I've always loved it. It was one of the first I downloaded when I found this site, and still one of my favorites. This is also why I registered here as well, so now you know who to blame: Klutz has inflicted me upon you all! It is all Klutz's fault!
  4. This is an awesome song! The Rabbit Joint got some good drugs, is all I have to say. Fuck System of a Dick.
  5. <~~ Tears, mang. Tears of joy. And I didn't even like this game so much. I'll buy j00 some Mad Dog or Shiner Bock the next time I'm in Austin. For originality alone, my new #1.
  6. This is oh-so-smooth... and I love it. I appreciate that extra bit of 'love' (attention to professional production) that went into it. Even a musical illiterate like me can tell. Also, I agree with the 70's soundtrack assessment, though to me it seems it would be just as at-home on a Stereolab record. I understand this is not new, but it's new to me, and just may be my new favorite OC Remix. Thanx guys.
  7. This was one of the first songs I downloaded from OCR, and I still listen to it daily. Too bad it was the only song that came out choppy on my OCR faves mix disc The light nature of it perfectly recaptures the delicate aura of the overall feeling of Ys. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, and this makes me bittersweet because I love Ys, but can no longer play it. My Duo is dying! Since this song may be all I have to hold onto, for the moment, I treasure it more and more with each listen, and bless you, Mr. Redifer.
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