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  1. Hey thanks neblix! Using snag-it, it didn't take me long to record the videos, especially Mega Man 3 bosses whom I know like the back of my hand. Editing though, in Windows Movie Maker, took a couple of nights to complete (because of me trying to find the right music to add, piecing the clips together, and making sure the video was at or under 15 minutes).
  2. My play through of all 46 original 8-bit Mega Man bosses set to remixed/updated versions of the games' music. Featuring some by OCRemix!!! Find them at Enjoy!
  3. I just created this video using some of the remixes from this wonderful site called OCRemix!!! http://gokaury.multiply.com/video/item/16/All_54_8-bit_Mega_Man_Robot_Masters.mpg Watch and Enjoy!!!
  4. Personally I'm not a Hakan fan, but this mix almost makes me want to extensively play as him. Gotta say I'm impressed. Wonderfully awesome job!!!
  5. I'm not much of one to know how to write music. I was in High School and am in church choir, so I know a little about the presentation of a song. That said here is my nickel's worth of free advice: I thought that it was a great remix, however, it seemed to me that it kind of ends too abruptly. Just throwing that out there. Keep up the good work though!!! I'm loving it!
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