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  1. Nice work! Some of the harmonic variations are brilliant. Nice variety, kept me interested for the whole 7+ minutes. I agree the reverb is a bit overdone (may I say the file also has a touch of an overcompressed sound to my ears), but the overall arrangement is quite well done.
  2. Unlike some others, I actually liked this remix! It's a little rough around the edges, perhaps the lead guitar is slightly too loud, but the style is unique (I can't say I've heard anything like it before!) and it's a decidedly new take on one of my favorite themes. I think the drums add a lot of character.
  3. Mmm, very relaxing. A new take, but it still evokes the feel of a magical safe haven hidden in a mountainside. A great lullaby.
  4. Just listened to this one after the recently posted Hymn of Aveh. I've never heard the source material, but this is fabulous!
  5. Wow. Wow. I'd buy this mp3. Excellent work! Hope you did end up celebrating.
  6. I'm Alex (Doc Nano), my name stemming from the fact that I do research in nanotechnology. It probably sounds cooler than it is, but I have to admit I do love my work! Other than science, my passions are linguistics/language and music, game music being a large part of the latter. I'm a long-time downloader and, after recently getting a decent synth, am only just now getting into making remixes of my own. Actually, I hadn't checked the site regularly in a few years, and I'm very impressed with how the remixes have matured. Anyway, I'm interested in collaborating with anyone who needs compositional or piano/keyboard skills. I'd also like to team up with a vocalist at some point (got some ideas brewing), but come to think of it perhaps there's another place in the forums for this...
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