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  1. Hey sorry about the avatar Roz I was hoping they'd have some C64/Amiga avs or that you could upload your own avatars @ CP: You mean progression/build, elevation and break. Yep. Needs moar work
  2. Lol, shoulda done Pokemon instead But seriously, I already knew it had some build-up/business issues, which is why I marked it a WIP of course. I'll let it sit a day or two then get back to working on it. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Oh and just FYI here's a breakdown of the parts: 0:00 - Full Orchestral and Brass Swell 0:20 - Timpanis and Drums 0:25 - Organ/Choir 0:35 - Bells 0:56 - Bellpad (melody) 1:17 - Piano (melody) For the most part the timpanis, drums, bells, bellpad, organ/choir plays throughout the piece so it does seem to get a little busy. So I can definitely spend more time on piecing it together but for the amount of work I put into it so far, I'm pretty pleased. There's room for improvement though of course.
  4. Okay, well it's haunted by angry ghosts then I guess I see what ya mean though. Thanks for the suggestions on building it more. I'll work on that.
  5. FL Studio is a great DAW for remixing VG tunes and is very versatile in other aspects as well. There's also a great free music theory guide written by a producer (RavenSpiral) for producers here: http://ravenspiral.com/rsg2mt/rsg2mt.pdf
  6. Just a little background, the Windmill song from Ocarina of Time is one of my favorite VG songs ever, so I thought I'd try and do it some justice with this. I'm labeling this a WIP since, I'm not 100% satisfied with the mastering persay but for the most part this is a finished song atm. Whaddya think? Close to being submittable? A remix/re-composition of the Windmill song from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Re-imagined in a dark and melancholy mood, the windmill is no longer a cheerful and enchanting place. In my version, Kakariko Village is no longer the place where young Link once lived as a boy. As a growing darkness has spread across the land, the people have fled their homes and all that is left are decaying ruins. I made some changes to the original composition of the song, including an intro, an interlude at about 1:35, some descending basslines and a couple other things. "Ruins of Kakariko" is an idea I had for a possible project, basically a dark version of the ZOoT soundtrack. All comments welcome! Thanks! Leave a comment or two on my soundcloud too if ya like. http://soundcloud.com/djcolletta/dj-colletta-haunted-windmill-ruins-of-kakariko
  7. The problem with Wordpress is if you use it you're gonna have to tack on WP's 19 bucks a year, to redirect your WP blog to your own website (.com/etc.) if you have one. On top of that, Redirecting may also cause you some SEO problems (search engine optimizations) because it might see your wordpress blog and your actual website url as duplicates of each other and skip one or the other in search results. Joomla is really good. It just takes a little time getting used to but once you've got everything configured how you want it, it's great. It's infinitely more customizable because you can host it on your own domain/host service without the need for being tied down to a third party provider.
  8. Yeah, I save new versions of my files as I'm working on them as well. And I usually do this in most programs I work on. I always save backup versions of my files because no matter what the software, sometimes it corrupts the file usually during the saving process and screws you over.
  9. If possible, I'd like my username changed to "CodeD64" which is actually my old "scene" name that I used to release demos, intros and other stuff under and was actually a reference to Commodore 64 not Nintendo 64 I realized after registering that it would be more appropriate than my dj name which actually is also my real name. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm an old school gamer, started out on atari, c64 and amiga. I actually started programming when I was only six years old but its always just been a hobby of mine. I used to contribute to the c64 cracktro/intro/demo scene as well. I used to go by the scene name CodeD and CodeD64. I've been DJing at clubs and mobile gigs since 2000 in Hawaii and have been steadily and working on my production skills as well. I currently use Acid, FL Studio and Ableton Live to produce and I'm a VST junky as well. I'll be back in Oahu later this year. I make my own original music as well as remixes/mashes mostly in electronica, techno, trance, house, breakbeat and industrial. Lately, I've also been working on new original chiptunes using MadTracker, an old school tracker with new school functionality. I still love old school video games and still play a lot of NES. IRL I'm a TV/Radio Reporter & Producer. Music, DJing and Programming are hobbies for me. All my life people told me I should have pursued a Computer Science degree but I do it for fun and wouldn't want to make a job out of it and end up with a menial programming job or at the mercy of the fickle video game industry. You can check out a few of my recent tunes here: http://www.soundcloud.com/djcolletta
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