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  1. Great work as usual! So when are you guys going to make a Green Hill Zone mix?
  2. This is seriously one of the most epic songs I have ever heard on OCR. great work, love it!
  3. Hey there, I'm not exactly qualified to give advice on anything music related... But I really liked this! This game needs more love and this is one of my favorite boss battles ever. I really liked the solo bit at 1:24-1:50 Keep it up!
  4. halc

    glad you liked the song! :D

  5. Hi, first post actually! Been a long time fan of OCRemix but this song just made me want to join the forum. I absolutely love what was done with this mix, for some reason this theme doesn't get more love so it was wonderful to hear it again. My favorite part of the track is at 2:10 to 2:55 when it gets a bit creative with the harmony, it hits like a nostalgic punch to the face. Amazing work, guys!
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