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  1. To name my Top 10: 10. Wonderful Shadows by the Electric Sheep Orchestra 9. Ice Cream Nachos 8. Flash Warts 7. Save a Horse (Ride a Transformer) 6. Lady in the Water 5. Jumping Flash! 4. Air Friction 3. Scorched Ice 2. Groundbased 1. Evolving Emerald I was honestly shocked when AeroZ lost his second round. I loved Evolving Emerald so much I listened to it and it alone on loop for a week without getting bored.
  2. http://www.destructoid.com/game-music-exploration-for-the-musically-inclined-only-185403.phtml#ext Truly brilliant.
  3. doing a song-by-song analysis. Take on Me: Very nice cover of an awesome song, it fits well with the chiptune style. However whenever I hear it I think of the Reel Big Fish cover. Fireflies: Another good source that fits chiptune. This song is one of the few pop songs I actually like nowadays, so props for doing it. I like some of the different effects used. Uptown Girl: I dont know the source but it seems quite cheery and all. I like choice of sounds. They seem to fit the aesthetic. 2 Minutes to Midnight: Literally my favorite Iron Maiden song. I got -so- excited when I saw this on the tracklist. The sounds choice was perfect and the slight arrangement there was awesomely done. One of my favorites. Together in Electric Dreams: Very nice choppy track with a very uplifting feel. I like this one. Jessie's Girl: I lol'd when I saw this. Not quite the best song to convert to chiptune, but it works well enough and I have enough fun listening to it. Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Fuck yea, Tears for Fears. This is a very dirty sounding (at least to me with the sound choices) track that really does wonders with the melody. If youre still doing requests, I would really like Shout. Sylvia: I dont know the source (alhough this is the badn that made Hocus Pocus right?) but I like the fast, somehow shmup-sounding aesthetic and the gleeful direction it takes. Oh, Hocus Pocus would also be a good choice for the next album I think. MadNes: Sounds like a mad NES lol. Anyway, nice stuff going on. Sort of reminds me of the OST of some modern games that boast "retro" soundtracks. Clash of the Titans: Sounds sort of epic in a final boss sort of way. A bit repetive, but its short. Dunk the duck: Wasnt this from sort of weird Duck Hunt project from VGMix? It sounds like Duck Hunt OST and it uses some sounds from the game so I can only assume that it is. Anyway I like the fast pace it sets as if youve already startled the ducks and are shooting them down out of glee. Protoman Theme: Very straight-forward remake of a great theme from MM5. Id imagine if MM5 was on Wily Wars for the Genesis it would sound like this. Route 225: I havent played my Diamond in a while, but I sort of recognize the source a little. Its a very nice driving track, and I just -love- that bassline. Sonic Rage: This is also a VGM-sounding track. It does sort of sound like a song from a Sonic game. Unless it already was and this a remix or something. I dont remember every track in the series. Shoot Em Down: This also sounds like a track on the Genesis (Then again why am I suprised - this is a chiptune album). I like the dynamic feeling hte song has and it has some nice harmony too. Beyond the Realms of Time and Space: adn the third of these 3 Genesis-sounding tracks is very chill, which is a nice change of pace from most of the album. Its got some nice trills in there alongside its soothing melodies. Im in ur green hill, eatin ur mushrooms: Its not quite as insane as Dueling Consoles, but what can I say, its got some great sources and as much as love your remixes, Protodome is fucking amazing. You two must have had a lot of fun with this. I await whatever you have for your next album. I trust the source tracks will be just as good and the track quality just as great.
  4. Pepsi Man is a Japanese-only PS1 product placement game about the Japanese Pepsi mascot of the time, Pepsi Man. While the main theme of the game was simply a slightly longer version of the surf rock-sounding music of the commercials, there was some original stuff in the soundtrack, despite all of it involving that sample of a choir yelling "PEPSI MAAAAAAAAN!" stage 3 is a nice track, but I think it would sound great as a more rock/metal piece with similar rhythm and some soloing here and there. stage 4 is a cool sounding but simple techno song that gives off the frantic feel of the gameplay. new record is quick jingle that could be used for a very ver ybrief bridge, intro or ending I guess.
  5. After some analysis of the trailer Ive noticed/become aware of Bionic Commando, Darkstalkers, and 1942 arcade machines in the trailer. This could mean a number of things. I wouldnt rule out any Capcom property to be in this game in some way. Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and others probably have a chance of being in this game. Also, the MM1 boxart cameo made me fangasm just a little. As for teh trailer's music, the use of MM2's opening was the obvious choice for most of the trailer, although it sounded a bt off in the begining and end of the trailer. GnG theme was sleek, but I could barely recognize Ryu's theme until a it got a few seconds in.
  6. Heheh, furries aside (Oh, god dont get me started on this one furry I met on another forum), this game looks pretty cool. I downloaded the demo, and made the first page of the online instruction manual my desktop for lulz. The demo's single level is quite well-done and has 2 difficulty levels with a training mode that gives infinite lives at the cost of having a score of 0. The scoring system is well made, the score being every time you land a a hit, your power multiplied by your live count is added to your score. Another thing they have beyond the game to buy is the soundtrack, which looks to be very good from what Ive heard. the songs in the demo are nice, but the preview video of the soundtrack they posted is amazing.
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