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  1. Oh, the majesty!

  2. For BA3, the best NES RPG boss fight, hands down. If you were only to remix one of the sources, the first section ("Necrosaro") is the one to tackle. Second section ("Incarnation of Evil") is a bit more foreboding, but less energy to work with.

  3. From the Forum Rules and Posting Policy: No spamming, flooding, or threadbreaking

    Just a heads up before you get yourself banned.

    I mean, you've got some cool designs, man, but if that's all you have to offer the forums, at least find a thread that's asking for them...

  4. This thread is relevant to your interests, particularly posts #9 and 10, I should think.


  5. Dublin, OH? Next time you see Wendy, can you get her to spill the beans on that chili recipe?

  6. How's that Burst/Flash Man mix coming? :P

  7. I didn't get a PM or an e-mail. Weird. In any case, if you guys worked it out, go ahead and just post it in the thread because DS doesn't want it to be a secret.

  8. Hey, so am I! :wink:

    And I see your challenge was accepted. Time to see what you've got too. Good luck, and more importantly, have fun!

  9. Mostly, I wanted an excuse to play with Photoshop. A little work got me here: http://i55.tinypic.com/23syqsw.jpg

    I'm sure NintendoMasterGC can get sharper results, but it might give him a better idea of what size you're looking for. His originals were 250 x 112; this is 300 x 91.

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