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  1. I don't know whether to laugh or vomit uncontrollably.
  2. I find the parody hilarious. As for the retaliation itself I can only feel nothing but pure, blissful, joyous, inspiring, invigorating, exhilarating, and justified satisfaction.
  3. Posted because FUCK YEAH! (and TF2 related) http://vimeo.com/21020148
  4. I nominated it that night but had no idea what it was or who made it. I guess people just wanted to try something new. Like you said, the map is a bit too wide open and the red spawn needs to be cut off from blu so it can't be camped, maybe even add another spawn on the other side of point B. And though I can tell it's not finished yet, the geometry of the map would look much nicer with some fleshing out and more detail. Apart from that I really like the layout of the map and the multiple paths of attack, and would love to see it finished and part of the server rotation.
  5. Krug

    Beat Hazard

    Seemed right to bring this thread back form the dead. Been a lot of changes since last April. I still play this game with some regularity, whether it's a new song to try or the mood just suits me. Also with the expansion announced for spring and all the new features in that, things are looking very interesting indeed. http://www.coldbeamgames.com/index.html Also... COME AT ME BROS!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRKgT1LwIhg I'll just leave this here.
  7. Some of our crits aren't random...
  8. A demo and medic charge targing...that'll look interesting. In theory, a demo could "tow" a medic into the fight faster by charging. Scouts too.
  9. So the micspam tests went pretty well tonight. The conversions sound much better using Goldwave. However much like with HLDJ, I had to normalize the volume to much lower levels than the guide recommended. They said the final peak should be between 0.7 and 0.9dB, and that worked for mild parts of music, but anything more intense was just ear rape. I've taken it down to 0.25 to 0.19dB just to make it tolerable and I may have to go lower still. It seems as though something in TF2 is maximizing the micspam volume all over again but none of the in-game settings seem to have any effect. Maybe I'm tweaking the wrong setting in the editor, maybe it's something else, and the fact that I have zero sound editing skills and am basically learning as I go isn't helping. But damn it, I will continue experimenting til I get it right!
  10. An OCR micspam night would be terrific, and a perfect way to promote the music on this site!
  11. Many thanks! I'm playing with it right now. Will maybe test it out tonight if anyone's on for me to blast their earholes.
  12. Every time I played music over the mic it always seems to sound off. Either the gain was too high, quiet parts too quiet, or just overall graininess in sound especially at high volumes. On my side it sounds relatively normal, much like other broadcasts, but right around the time I hear "Oh god turn that shit OFF!!" it's obvious to me that something is wrong. When I use HLDJ to convert the music I have to adjust the overall volume to anywhere between 15%-40% of the original or else I get more of the above reaction. Plus in TF2 I can't adjust my mic output volume - it always resets to max - so I have to adjust it in Steam. Probably just a shitty mic but I'm doing the best I can. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I don't really mind the occasional random troll so much. Shakes things up a bit. Plus it's always satisfying to humiliate them just before banning them from the server.
  14. Murphy's laws of spychecking?
  15. I shield slammed a spy to death once. He was cloaked and I never knew he was there until I hit him. True story.
  16. Sweet, delicious crates. Don't you wanna know what's inside them?
  17. Soooooo Brush.....got some more crates for ya.
  18. Kind of an odd number but eh, I guess it could be worse. As long as I can still hack some heads with my usual amount of satisfaction.
  19. Heh, you weren't kidding about the screenshot when you were sniper. "FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUTTA HERE!"
  20. Lookin for name tags! Trading...well...anything! I've got what you need! (maybe)
  21. Wow...that was amazing! I'm gonna go back and play the other paths while the patch is downloading. I always loved "choose your own adventure" stories.
  22. I swear all those axe crits were out of love! Don't go all HULK SMASH on us baby. Here's to hopin you come back soon as our loveable, mild mannered, Brushfire.
  23. I've never understood all the hate on Vista. It's been my best experience with a Windows based OS ever. Not perfect, but then none of them are.
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