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  1. Not what I was expecting but beautiful all the same! Very much reminds me of Explosions in the Sky in instrumental style. Awesome!
  2. Man, I keep forgetting to check this thread and now I'm way behind! OA, way to go on your deadlift progress! Think you can make it to 4 plate before I make it to 5? Zircon, those changes are all well and good, but at the end of the day it comes down to simply calories in versus calories out. There are finer details to speak volumes on of course, but this is the core principal. Find a calculator online to estimate your body's daily maintenance calories and then plan your diet to be under that amount. 500 under is a good baseline. Do this and you will lose weight no matter what. It is the exercise and quality of your food, however, that determines how that weight is lost, same as if you were trying to gain weight. As I am trying to bulk up, I could just pig out on junk and not lift and I'd gain weight, but it would be all fat. Because I want that bulk to be muscle, that's were the heavy lifting and emphasis on protein comes in (among other things). It's easy to feel like there are limitations, genetic or otherwise, that are keeping you from changing your body for the better. As a lifelong scrawny kid with aspirations of being big and strong I know this feeling better than most. And perhaps there is some truth to that - not everyone can be Bill Kazmier or Mariuz Pudzinowsky. But barring some rare genetic defect, everyone is capable of improving their body to various degrees of greatness. After enough time and effort, you start to realize you're not fighting against your body's sense of weight equilibrium, but rather you are fighting against your mind's equilibrium against major changes in your life, the sum of all the little details over the course of a lifetime that overwhelm most people and put them off of the idea of diet and exercise forever. Don't be overwhelmed. Not only is it not as bad as you think, if you do it right you'll even start to enjoy it. Since it's late as hell and I'm rambling on half awake I'll end with something familiar. It's not the net result of your body's genetic potential that's important. It's the day to day routines, and personal records. The celebration of health and fitness. It's enough if people are able to experience the joy that rigorous exercise brings. https://www.fitocracy.com/profile/Krug/?feed
  3. It's not as bad as you'd think. I did the one in Snow Valley, CA last year and it's supposed to be one of the hardest. Just choose your own pace and prepare to get dirty
  4. Oh hi. Just thought I'd stop by and express how happy I am to see two of my favorite sites sharing the love. You can find me at https://www.fitocracy.com/profile/Krug/ and ask me if I even lift. Still workin on trying to look like a bodybuilder that's strayed from his gym. Also, did the OCR group go private? I see it on the list but can't seem to find my way in.
  5. My 50 bucks is back in the pile! I can't wait for this album to make sweet, sweet love to my ears!
  6. I doubt anyone spilled the beans. Like all things involving money, the more there is, the more attention it draws.
  7. Yeah, as far as requesting a video game soundtrack to remix I have nothing to ask for. This is it.
  8. For this site, for my favorite Final Fantasy, for the music and all the good memories.....50 bucks is the least I could do for you guys.
  9. Voted! I'm surprised I was as critical of the submissions as I was (still gave many a 4s and even a 5 or two). Maybe it's just because to me FF6 is the greatest Final Fantasy in all of existence, and so I have very high hopes for the album. I would have loved to have been part of the project. I've had this amazing idea for an orchestral remix of "Save Them!" stuck in my head for over 3 years. Oh well. One day, when I have a bit more peace in my life, I'll learn the skills to make that idea a reality.
  10. Yeah I forgot to mention White Skies. Definitely a favorite on my playlist!
  11. So many to chose from... Here's just a few on my list: http://youtu.be/dlfoAZWYRqo Harmony of a Hunter - Earthroot http://youtu.be/mrdx1LjxcfI OC ReMix #1956: Wild Arms 'A Ring and a Promise' http://youtu.be/98czNG6nOTA OC ReMix #2067: Chrono Trigger 'Pipe Dream Mystics' http://youtu.be/uoAwyHQ19Z0 OC ReMix #2340: Final Fantasy VII 'BadAzz' [One-Winged Angel] by PrototypeRaptor http://youtu.be/8XdzuTYmz6U OCR01360: Final Fantasy VI 'Deadly Promises' OC ReMix [Terra] Many a personal records have been made to these tunes, and many more shall be.
  12. For my favorite Final Fantasy and my favorite video game soundtrack, I would gladly learn how to mix and buy that midi controller I've put off for so long. All these longs years I've had so many remixes stuck in my head, and not the skill to voice them. An open invitation to contribute to an album would be the perfect motivation.
  13. That's too bad, I woulda voted the shit out of it! Here's to hoping it turns up as a remix here.
  14. I broke my oath of never joining a social network site to vote. This had better be worth it. Ah who am I kidding, this is totally worth it! And I don't even have to use the account anyways. Good luck, Jillian! And thanks for all the beautiful music throughout the years!
  15. That spy taunt looks awesome. Heavy is just LOL!
  16. Didn't realize there was a private group til now. Here's my infoz: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971015845
  17. Hey! I Haven't beaten Deus Ex yet goddamnit! Some of us like to savor the flavor and not just scarf it all down!
  18. I swear to God it looked like you were facing the opposite direction on my screen. I admit though this made it look much much better.
  19. That sword would be sick for survivability similar to the zatoichi plus being able to charge at or away more often, but I think I'll stick with the axe purely for the insane melee damage. However...dat shield...dem booties. Full movement control while charging?! Good luck strafing out of my charge path now motherfuckers!
  20. Anything to honor one of video games' greatest legends! His music has been carried with me through so much of my life that their characters' themes may as well be my own. Even if this contest were to not exist, his name and his legend will never fade through time.
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