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    Both sides of the spectrum.
    The opposite of moderate.

    Hey, I'm a neophyte to this site, but not the internet. And I'm here to appreciate the good music, talk around enjoy myself and maybe make some friends!

    I'm a gamer and I LOVE VGMs. I play trombone and I do sing. And I'm a good guy until you wrong me, so be good mannered, no lies, no drama and no bull&%$@! OK?

    "It's the world that lives in my shadow, not the other way around." -Romulus

    Good day!

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    Audiophile Maniac

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  1. ...I have no advice to offer, nor criticisms to make. Just gratitude that I deeply owe you for composing such a beautiful reinterpretation of an already wonderful song. The image this portrays in my mind's eye is a frozen City, with a giant Crystal clock tower. The falling snow never loses rhythm, nor does the pace of it's inhabitants. It is a silent and lonely place... Sorry if that was a bit deep, but I had to say something. To pass up such musical splendor and not write about how it makes me feel would be a crime against it's very existance. And I won't have that! The instrumentation all moved gracefully, as do the tides of time as they march on... I'm a particular fan of the ending and can bask in it's awe and the sound that promises a new beginning. Your works are wonderful and I hope you continue to grace the world with your genius. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, DarkX. PS: I apologize if I come off as flattering, but I really do love this piece.
  2. Hey! My name's DarkX and I'm a new user, but experienced gamer and music appreciator (as my job title "Audiophile Maniac," will tell you I recently have begun to take a deeper interest into music and have ideas for songs, but nothing on paper. I currently own Finale Notepad, but I only have a very limited demo that doesn't have a really good sound (or maybe it's the computer's sound card, I'm not too sure...) Anyway, I would love to be able to share these ideas once I 1) Get my own computer 2) Find the exact music making system I want. If anyone can give me an idea for a Music Program that is I) Affordable II) Has real instrument sounds. III) Can do real instrument sound tricks (tremolos, glissandos, accents and the like...), please inform me on my profile. Thanks for your time and I hope to share some ideas and see new ones grow to great heights! -DarkX
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