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    Both sides of the spectrum.
    The opposite of moderate.

    Hey, I'm a neophyte to this site, but not the internet. And I'm here to appreciate the good music, talk around enjoy myself and maybe make some friends!

    I'm a gamer and I LOVE VGMs. I play trombone and I do sing. And I'm a good guy until you wrong me, so be good mannered, no lies, no drama and no bull&%$@! OK?

    "It's the world that lives in my shadow, not the other way around." -Romulus

    Good day!

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    Audiophile Maniac

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  1. ...I have no advice to offer, nor criticisms to make. Just gratitude that I deeply owe you for composing such a beautiful reinterpretation of an already wonderful song. The image this portrays in my mind's eye is a frozen City, with a giant Crystal clock tower. The falling snow never loses rhythm, nor does the pace of it's inhabitants. It is a silent and lonely place... Sorry if that was a bit deep, but I had to say something. To pass up such musical splendor and not write about how it makes me feel would be a crime against it's very existance. And I won't have that! The instrumentation all mo
  2. Hey! My name's DarkX and I'm a new user, but experienced gamer and music appreciator (as my job title "Audiophile Maniac," will tell you I recently have begun to take a deeper interest into music and have ideas for songs, but nothing on paper. I currently own Finale Notepad, but I only have a very limited demo that doesn't have a really good sound (or maybe it's the computer's sound card, I'm not too sure...) Anyway, I would love to be able to share these ideas once I 1) Get my own computer 2) Find the exact music making system I want. If anyone can give me an idea for a Music Program that i
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