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  1. This is the best track to come from this site so far this year. For the love of God, José, please keep 'em coming.
  2. I must be the only one who doesn't mind the ending. It's clear to me that from 5:25 on, it's intentionally sloppy and off-key. At least, I sure hope it is. I mean the song could have easily ended at 5:25, and silent decided to keep the ending anyway, so I would have to think it's there for a reason. But even if it's not intentionally off-key, I still liked the ending. It's very atonal, but in a good sense. The ending reminds me of Radiohead in a way, although I can't really pin down why... But ending or no, this is the best thing I've downloaded off OCR in a month. Bravo.
  3. This couldn't be more different from Safety in Numbers. Aside from the fact that they remix the same song, the two shouldn't even be compared. And to call this mix worthless is ridiculous. I like the track, but like other people said, it's a little too much like the original for my tastes. Nice guitar work, but the rest of the track is a little underwhelming.
  4. Yeah, that synth bass instrument sounds a little off key to my ears too.
  5. Since everyone seems to be wondering about the original track, I put it up on my Angelfire site, so get it while you can, I can't keep it up for long, and I'll probably go over my transfer limit pretty quick. Metal Gear Solid 2 -- Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday
  6. No, they're from the game, it's from the song that plays over the end credits. I have the original track on my computer. And this version tops the original by a mile. I was just saying a few weeks ago how I prefer remixes of older games, because for newer games it's tough to top the original track. BenCousins sure shut my mouth. Amazing work--I agree with djp, one of the best remixes in months. EDIT: Or did you mean the samples from 2:00-3:00 and from 3:33 on? If you meant those vocal samples, then I misunderstood you, but the vocals that sing the lyrics are from the game.
  7. I gotta agree with SysteManiac. I liked all of Crono's stuff before this, and his vocal delivery here is top-notch, but this remix sounds a little thin. Where's the bass? The song needs bass, plain and simple. Hip-hop isn't hip-hop without some deep, pounding bass. I mean try to imagine Eres Des Points without bass. It would sound completely empty. I love the idea, and the rapping is impeccable, but I'm getting treble overdose here.
  8. I think every remixer on this site has done at least one remix that I didn't like. Except Mazedude. He has not disappointed me yet. Amazing stuff. Yes, it's jazz, but there's this hint of something else beneath the surface that isn't jazz, but totally makes the song work. Almost like it's an industrial song disguized as a jazz song, but at the same time nothing like that. Does that make sense? Whatever it is, it works. Another excellent mix from Mazedude.
  9. Just when I start to think I've heard every song on this site, this review gets bumped from the depths of the message board. I love this mix, but I'm a sucker for unusual time signatures. Some great stuff going on here. My only complaint is that it's a little long--I think if the song was made a little tighter, it would make it that much more enjoyable. And I'm pretty sure it's "Reach not into (unto?) the heavens." But I could be wrong.
  10. I'd like to add YPOI's Slumber Party to that list. I like smiling, so therefore I like this mix. 'Nuff said.
  11. Nice to see NoppZ again. He's one of the few artists that I actually have a playlist dedicated to. I like the feel of the track. Sort of like a fun-loving Haloween song in the vein of the Monster Mash (without the cornball lyrics). Personally I could have done without the weird scream sound effects, but I guess they they do enhance the whole fun Haloween vibe. I think it strikes a good balance between gothic and cheerful. Good stuff, definitely going in my NoppZ playlist.
  12. My, what an open-minded individual you are. This has always been one of my favorite mixes from the site. It stays true to the flavor of the original, it manages to take a completely repetative tune and keep it interesting for four minutes plus, and you can dance to it. You can't get much better than that. Great stuff.
  13. I couldn't agree more. I can't complain musically, it's a great remix, especially from about 2:40 on. The synch problems didn't really bother me much--I actually liked the looseness to it. But for Pete's sake guys, turn the guitar volume up a notch or two. An electric guitar should never be overpowered by a piano. I think that's a sign of the apocalypse or something.
  14. I'm just an innocent bystander here, and I hate to drag out this ugliness farther, but I can't help but draw attention to this: People "don't know how" to mix their music. Not "don't have the means" or "don't have the equipment". "Don't know how". It's an implicit attack at a remixer's mixing skill, not an objective statement. I don't know you Mustin, but I don't buy it. Everyone writes like that, whether they mean to or not. Maybe if you paid more attention to the implications of what you are saying, you wouldn't run into these little misunderstandings. So just for your own future reference, when you say something like "people don't know how to mix their music", you are implying that a remixer is incompetent if he or she does not have superior sound quality on all his or her songs. Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but that's what I interpreted from it. Maybe if you would get the bile out of your tone, people wouldn't misinterpret what you said so much. But, and again I don't know you, but it occurs to me that it's very easy to say something through implication, and then when someone points it out, go, "I didn't say that! Read what I said! Idiot! La!La!La!La!La!" and cover your ears (and your ass). Now I'm not saying that that's what you're doing here. Like I said, I don't know you, and I wouldn't presume to pretend like I did. But still, if I've taught you anything in my post about the art of implication, maybe you'll catch my meaning...
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