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  1. i Love it. this is one of my- apparently along with quite a few other peoples- favorite vg tracks Ever. and this captures the heart of it perfectly. and when the orchestra hit the first time,(2:45 or so) i almost fainted.
  2. this is simply a wonderfull piece of music, download it now if you havent. on a personal note, i first listened to this the night after a particularly depressing day... i had spent the afternoon around a girl i was quite fond of, and who i hadnt told my particular feelings, and her current boyfriend. it may sound sad but this song was so moving and sad... it sort of became a symbol of my lovesickness and to this day i cant listen to it without pushing back tears... and its been over a year. thanks mustin and kassie, if you ever read this, for such a great tune, even though its been so represen
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