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  1. RASHAAAAAD! *insert epic face*

  2. It's not like I've been much of a community person till now, but what a better way to start by giving you all a link to my G+ profile for harassing me. http://gplus.to/devastus I'll be collecting a fancy OCR circle in the mean time.
  3. Thanks alot man! To be honest, I haven't done that much electronic work (most of my soundtrack stuff has been plain orchestra anyway) so creating the right sounds and mixing 'em together with the rest was a bit of a chore (especially the drums, since I seem to have lost alot of my effects collection during the migration from computer to computer). I might have made the mix a little bit too massive for it's style too, though I guess that's more of a matter of taste. But damn was it fun. Now I know why you guys like to do electronic stuff
  4. Some soundtrack work for a possible scifi-oriented future project. Deep meanings, man. Oh, also forgot to say, it's meant to be for the main menu screen or something along those lines. To give credit where it's due, I definitely were inspired by things such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Tron Legacy and Blade Runner soundtracks, among others. Separate Truth From Lies (Link to NGAP) Separate Truth From Lies (Link to SoundCloud)
  5. No promises, as I'm currently short on time, but if I can find myself on the brink of boredom during the next couple weeks, I could make some sweet love to that Enemy Assault Truck song.
  6. Looks like 04:20:07 when I checked. I've been listening to the whole thing now and DAYUMNN it's the shit. So much quality stuff (and with so much variety in styles!) from everybody. Amazing, amazing job guys.
  7. You could get away with using this http://www.yohng.com/software/bass.html as the raw sound and then, if you find it necessary, amping it in one way or another. It'll pass for a real bass as long as you have other things playing over it, depending on the amp sim you might even get something that'll sound real on it's own.
  8. ... Aaaand done! Finalized wav sent, so there's more distortion guitar goodness awaiting the listeners. Now, some sleep would be much appreciated.
  9. Man, this summer has been so unbelievably problematic and time consuming, I haven't had a moment to concentrate on anything. So now, while there's still 2-3 days left, I'm gonna try and flinch a track for you guys. Thought I'd inform, which is something I haven't been doing much
  10. Now I really need to hear why that is so because I just played Dungeon Siege III through and it is bad. Not only that it failed to bring a satisfactory action rpg experience in its own, it hardly has anything to do with earlier Dungeon Sieges gameplay-wise, and the story isn't glimmering either. The camera is horrifyingly bad and the whole game felt rushed. And that is the main thing with Obsidian Games (Fallout New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, check their list for the rest of 'em) - every game they've ever made has been rushed, resulting in either a buggy game or one with lackluster content. Usually both. Thus, I wouldn't expect much. Which is a sad thing, considering a new Chrono Trigger game could be quite a blast.
  11. Well, after a surprise of a full week of over 12 hour days at work and two gigs with my band to top it off, I have literally nothing to show for this competition. I will have to drop out. God damnit. Really sorry about this, guys. The funniest thing about it is that if the whole thing would've started about two weeks later, I would've had no problems whatsoever.
  12. I thank ye for yer concise yet kind output, sir.I have yet to hear much of the other remixes but if the previews ring any truth of the album, it's gonna be three hours I'm looking forward to spend. Nice teaser too. Damn I'm pumped about this.
  13. But you could have made it pirate-ish with accordions and hardy-har-hars and shit. Think of the possibilities.
  14. Damn, almost all of the good ones were taken last time. Well, I'll line up some more obvious guitar-oriented songs anyway: MM10 - Solar Man MM3 - Spark Man MM4 - Pharaoh Man MM2 - Heat Man MM9 - Tornado Man (I just had to, I love that theme ) Alright, let's hit it.
  15. My laptop's in a bit of a mess (it overheats with almost anything), but I could give it a shot. And reserve enough time for the making so that I'll give a proper challenge this time. I'll go pick my five first and post it here.
  16. Well, now that I got my ass whooped, I can finally concentrate on Crush Crawfish remix Good luck to all the winners! Awaiting to hear what Z bracket has cooked up.
  17. I haven't raged as much as I did with Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for years now. Why the hell was I playing such a game? Well, I found it for like 3€ from those shitty game throwouts and thought I could torture myself Fallout New Vegas bugs tend to bust a nerve sometimes, like Boone making himself unusable by springing the talk menu if I get 10 feet near him and not following me anymore. Nice to run around a radioactive Vault with ED-E who can't even defend itself from a ghoul.
  18. Yeah, it was a quickie (protip to myself: 5AM ain't exactly the best time to compose anything if you intend to sleep much), and I did the beginner's mistake by not tuning my guitar before a recording session back then I might do fixing to it if a strong desire to submit it into OCR strikes me at a good time
  19. Was about to submit a new mix with many fixes to shortcomings I had there which I noticed only after a good night's sleep (not to talk about the bigger shortcomings that were the result of doing it all in one night ), but damn, time wasn't on my side. Now I'll have to pay the consequences. Well, anyways, good luck to everyone in Z-bracket and the to-become winners of the first round here. It'll be interesting to watch and hear
  20. Was searching through my apartment one day for something to do in the midst of boredom, and found Sword Master for the NES, just lying around in the corner. Decided to pop that in and get my ass whooped big time. Ah, the good ol' times. About a day later I had this: Sharpen The Blade (@ Newgrounds) It's not exactly anything brilliant but it's a way of saying thanks to Activision for not being full of ass back then, unlike they are now Oh, and to check the original: at 4:12.
  21. Well I guess by now we have ensured which competitors from the X bracket have something for show on round 1 then, right? It's a damn shame everybody couldn't get their entries finished in time. I'd reckon we get to hear the remixes made thus far anyways, despite that only one "battle" is actually taking place?
  22. Sheesh, things got pretty tense during the week and I had to do an overnighter now to get my remix done. Well, atleast it's done and sent now, better to be tired than to be thrown out of the competition for no show
  23. Count me in. I've been meaning to do remixes of Mega Man for some guitar practice anyways 1: Metal Shark Player (X6) 2: Crush Crawfish (X3) 3: Storm Owl (X4) Alright, ready when you are.
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