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  1. Been awhile since i was here but wanted to post this simple (really simple:cry:) mix. This song is, of course, liked by many and has been mixed many times before but i wanted to see how much i could change the melodies of the song and that is how i came up with this jumble of stuff. I know it is not up to OCR standards but i wanted to juz put it out there for people to give there opinions and critiques on it. I use Fruity Loops 9 if anybody was wondering or want to help out and please comment away! Source: Remix: http://soundcloud.com/dj-monkay-1/donkey-kong-country-aqua-theme
  2. Really nice mix u got here docnano. Really liking the arrangement of the song. Cant wait to hear it finished and (possibly?) submitted to OCR
  3. Btw does anybody know anybody that specializes in dubstep music in ocr? It would really help to get some pointers from a pro.
  4. Ok well its been awhile since i been on here so this is what i have been able to do. I have been listenin and attempting to make (lately) dubstep music. i dont think i have been successful at this but here is what i have so far. I changed my mix from a techno-ish vibe to dubstep style (please let me know if this even dubstep material or not:<) My main focus for this mix was beats and the dubstep wub wub. Thank u for ur time and hope u like it:razz:. Latest Work : http://soundcloud.com/dj-monkay-1/dubstepin-ninja Wanted to switch to soundcloud to have a timeline Please comment and critique. Anything will help.
  5. Finally some real critiques from a pro. i dont know too much about music so it was a good idea to go with the review. Still a killer song and hope everything goes well.
  6. What else can i say? It juz keeps gettin better and better . What makes it really cool (in my opinion) is its disgaea music!!! Love how the drums change and the "breakdown" in the middle. As for the scary section, it gives off a scary vibe (as it should) but MY only thing is that it is kinda hidden behind all the effects. And possibly make the transition from the main melody into scary part a bit smoother and flow. Overall pretty awesome but the ending could be tweaked a lil and the transition between both parts more smooth (but hey thats juz me, a nobody, saying my opinion).
  7. i juz noticed that i have been doin all of my songs based on guitar tabs and by ear (stupid me:|). well i have decided to put this song on hold (school and stuff ) till i get the original source down in my head and fully know the song. Thanks for ur time and sorry for if anybody was waiting on an updated version. Also if anybody would like to pick this up or finish it, i use fruity loops 9 and could email the file to ya.
  8. Yea!!! I am really liking how the song is progressing and i know the weird ending "wooshing" sound is just there to end it for now. Still a really great mix still (in my opinion of course:<) and adding the scary ending will extend the amount of time the song is as well. Keep changing things up and keep on working on this mix. Even though other people might not notice this pretty nice track i will like to see this mix finished and (hopefully) accepted into OCR. Off topic but what program do u use?
  9. thank you turtle for the comment and thanks to rozovian for the review of the song. you can always count on rozo to give u good and honest critiques about remixes . this type of music is not what i generally listen to but ill try to finish this for the sake of ocr (they need more songs in this game and many others). well ill look into everything yall said and repost a updated version as soon i do some major adjustments to the mix. still comment or make any suggestions!!!
  10. thanks for the comment redtails and sorry for being away for so long. Busy with work and all . ill post a updated version once i get a lot more feedback and major changes to the song. Ambient music is not my strong point and id much rather prefer high paced electronic but im trying somethin new so yea this is goin to be very challengin. Also if there is anybody whos forte is ambient type of music please help or if u know anybody tell them to come critique and tell me the bad news. im using fruity loops 9 if anybody was wonderin.
  11. well here we go again lol. this is a mix i put together this week and i was wonderin what yall think about it. i was goin for a ambient/ jazz vibe and wanted to make the piano as the main character of the show. kingdom hearts doesnt have a lot of songs on OCR and i always like to remix songs not yet accepted so i decided to go with this short, slow, and sweet track. Tindeck - Please listen to Dearly Beloved.mp3 Source - Please feel free to listen and comment away!!!
  12. Very nice mix there cyprusx. All i have to say about the song is that it is pretty awesome. I always like when people take a song and metal-ize it:-P. I hope it gets accepted and best of luck.
  13. I am using fruity loops 9. The only things i have are the original vsts, plugins, drums, and stuff that come with it. I agree that the drum breakdown is weird possibly because the transition isnt good or maybe because of what i used (the crazy snares) made it very off putting. What else should i add to make this song more complete and "submitting" worthy (though i highly doubt this will be accepted)? If anybody wants to collab i could always send the fl file and we can work something out.
  14. Thanks darangen for still hanging on and helpin out a newbie like me . Well thanks for the advice about how to extend the amount of time for a song and i looked into bLiNd as well and it really helped a lil on how to rearrange my song. All i really did was create a intro and a lil breakdown drum section. I know i can do better so anymore advice about anything will help but for now i am stuck with no more ideas. Updated - Click here to listen to Techno Jago.mp3 Hope the song is getting better
  15. Thanks to cyprusx and darangen for all of their help. well i couldnt work on this much because of school and stuff but i went with a old school electronic techno kind of way i guess . i really didnt do much except for change the instruments and melodies a lil. i am no where near done so please dont take it so. also please disregard the ending. the problems i have with this song is that it is really short and i would like any feedback in how i can extend the amount of time and progress this song further. I will add many more things to the song but for now this is all i have. tindeck - Click here to listen to Electro Jago.mp3 btw if anybody wants to hear the original youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abffmSx8DQM Any feedback will be great and thanks
  16. An awesome song from an awesome game . This game doesnt get enough coverage but this remix is pretty great. Im not really a critic and i hardly know anything about music but all i can say is keep things fresh and interesting and always change it up. MY only comment would be to either lower the drums or boost the volume of the main melody because is kinda hidden behind all the drums and stuff but hey thats just me. This song is really great now and cant wait to see.....hear how it is finished.
  17. Whoa!! This is a really good mix of pokemon and does it justice. What is used to make the main melody tune? im a newbie to this whole remixing stuff and wonder how u make all those cool and awesome sounds?
  18. Thanks for the advice. What i really wanted to do was figure out which direction to take this song in. Trance or Techno? But overall thanks for the feedback. This will motivate me even more to produce better music. I will post a newer version as soon as i can. Thanks for everything.
  19. This song was a favorite of mine from the KI series and i noticed that there wasnt one on ocremix yet so i would like to be able to fill in that spot. I would like to collaborate with whoever wants to get in on the fame. i dont mind sharing.This post is no where near what i wanted to do with this song but i would like any feedback. This was supposed to check to see if the original melody is there and correct so do not mind any of the beats or weird noises. if anybody could take this song to a whole new level be my guest. Well thanks for looking into this and hope u can change this song into something better. Click here to listen to Ninja Jago.mp3
  20. Thanks for the tips. i should have started with an easier song as well. ill put this song on hold and figure out the basics before i get back to this. Thanks rozo for helpin a newbie like me
  21. Thanks for the advice. i tried to fix all the annoying noises and make things more simpler. i dont know if i should stick with this project or move on or juz quit. If anybody wants to collaborate to make this song worth listening to i dont mind. well this is all i could do to it for now. Click here to listen to Megaman X - Stormed Eagle.mp3
  22. Decided to repost this because i accidentally put the wrong title on original post. I would like feedback on how to make this song better. Any ideas of what i should do or change plz reply. Thanks to rozovian and gario for there previous help (i hope i spelled their name right). Click here to listen to Megaman X - Storm Eagle Mellow.mp3
  23. Got a revised version now. Plz comment. Anything will help. Click here to listen to Megaman X - Storm Eagle Mellow.mp3
  24. Thanks for the feedback. Even though most people would think your talkin bad about there creation but the comments really do help. I tried to make the music more tolerable and changed the annoying beeping to a low tone resonant. I switched the weird middle to try and match the original score. Hopefully i got the song back on track (which i highly doubt). More feedback plz. I know there is so much more i can do to this song. Now i will fix problems at hand and try to put another version up.
  25. Accidentally didnt put the name of remix as title so sorry for that. I am a new member of ocremix and my dream is to at least have one song accepted into the forum. The song that i am remixing (which should have been in the title) is Mega Man X's Storm Eagle Stage. I know there are numerous problems with the piece but would like all comments and feedback to make this more tolerable to listen to. I was tryin to go with a sort of trance vibe but it can always be changed so any comments would help. Thank you for takin ur time in reading and lookin into this. Click here to listen to Megaman X - Storm Eagle Tranced 04.mp3
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