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  1. Wow! This is a very impressive arrangement. It is like Hamaguchi's work, to my ears. It is such a wonderful, thought-out arrangement. The piece isn't improvisatory-sounding at all. Very planned and beautiful.
  2. I am very fond of this piece! The adjusted tuning adds an incredible effect. We LaMonte Young fans certainly appreciate music that doesn't restrict itself to the twelve tones. It is not arranged classically, but is this really a classical piece to begin with? I believe the mood of the piece to be an unusual mission in outer space, and I believe that the mood was very well-performed in this arrangement.
  3. Well, "Different Trains" isn't that out there. It was a great idea and it sounds great. It is quite awesome to many folks, including myself.
  4. The biggest buzzword for this arrangement for me would be the word, "Reich"! Steve Reich's work is some of the most extraordinary stuff in existence today. I noticed that many of you do not feel positive about the repetitive nature of this piece. It is my recommendation to you, then, to listen to some of Steve Reich's work! He is a minimalist (and probably the best one out there). Repetition is a very incredible property of music, yet is the most hated by some. Repetition is the key element of minimalism. If you think for any amount of time that this piece is repetitive in its minuscule five minutes of play, you will not survive ten seconds into Reich's music. His best piece, "Different Trains", uses the same train-emulating string riffs throughout the entire piece, which is 26:57. Different Trains is really awesome because of the factors around this repetition, specifically the strings' emulation of the voice clips taken from survivors of the holocaust. Try sitting through Steve Reich's "Come Out," which is composed of a two-second sound clip of an African American pastor saying "Come out to show them" that is layered over itself at different speeds until it becomes absolutely unintelligible in the thirteenth minute. I fail to see any problem with this remix. In all truth, it doesn't favour Reich's technique in its use of an actual melody.
  5. After having listened to all of the Overclocked Remixes, I have safely concluded that this is my favourite. If perfection could be achieved musically, this would be very close to it. I love the seamless fusion of the electric piano, the violoncello, the hip-hop beat, and the beautiful melodies. This is an arrangement that can easily send a man into insouciance before the half-point of the song. David has done some splendid work here, and I applaud it fervently!
  6. As always, Mr. Hsu does a fine job of capturing the true theme of Mitsuda's original masterpiece. This arrangement is wonderful not only in arrangement, but in performance. It is an honour to have this in my digital media library.
  7. Ooo! I love this one! I sure hope that many more like this come! The more I listen to it, the more I want to hear it again. Very skillfull guitarism thoughout the entire piece. Though, I am having difficulty placing the lyrics to the game, but they are well placed. This needs to be done to many, many VG songs!! Perhaps, though, the vocals could be more interesting if many words ended with a vowel like Goldfinger does, "TO FALL APAAAARTAH." hee hee. I don't even know why I like that.
  8. Nix on your real name? What on earth could you possibly mean? Anyway, I do agree that the harp should be raised an octave or two to add a fuller and more realistic arpeggio affect. It does not sound natural.
  9. Great job with the remix! This is a splendid arrangement, and I can definitely see the resemblance to Michael's version in the end. From the looks of it, very few of you have even heard Michael Huang's work! His Fantasy Reborn pieces are very well-done in my opinion. I usually notate his sheet music for him from MP3. Just for reference, here is his arrangement of Forever Rachel in Finale 2002 MUS format: http://mhuang.netfirms.com/ff6rachel.html. The web site of his project is http://www.fantasyreborn.com/. I encourage all of you to look through them! Great work, Maestrodeclure, on making a very dandy orchestral medley of this song and Aria di Mezzo Carattere. As Dhsu said, though, this work is only OCR-worthy because of the Aria mixed in there.
  10. This remix was absolutely splendid! I have never heard such beauty come from that song. The lyrics are also quite amusing, yet so deep and emotional. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this an 11!
  11. I was very impressed with this arrangement! It extraordinarily fills the gap that the Nintendo Entertainment System's sound left it. AmiEvil has definitely exposed the full potential of this piece, making it in the most logical and wonderful style.
  12. It is a good background mix. I noticed some Wind Scene in the middle of the piece, which made the song a good bit more pleasant. It is quite a coincidence that the same day this was accepted, I had just finished a piano arrangement of Frog's Theme (available here). You did a decent job.
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