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    Singer, photographer, video gamer and graphic artist[also an OCRemix junkie]

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    apparently Metroid (Kindred is awesome!)
    Street Fighter...etc.
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  1. I'm here again (I was the silent protagonist muzikal-phoenix years ago ). Chris - 29 - Jamaican - Megaman/CT/SF music lover and player of videogames (fighters, platformers, racers, FPSs, RTSs specifically) I'm pretty much a vocalist really and an amateur bass player but I've been following OCR since the days of Disco Dan's Green Amnesia (still a favorite today). There's one question I have however - there is/was a thread with old/junk remixes laying around here somewhere. Anyone know where they are?
  2. I was stuck on the Slider and Dire, Dire Docks (personal favorites of mine from the game) remixes until I got here... Now I can't move. The fusion of dubstep, EDM and rock is amazing. I use this theme as one of those perk me up / victory / I can take on the world kicks. It reminds of Vegeta's "Hells Bells" ... but with a punch...and flames. Can't forget flames. ALSO THE INTRO IS BAD-ASS. 10/10
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