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  1. Thanks so much Rozo, that means a lot coming from you! Those are actually some mechanical warehouse samples I was messing around with - don't tell anyone. I've been experimenting with adding more sound design-y stuff into my mixes when I can, it really has the potential to put an interesting spin on things.
  2. Wow, thank you very much for the detailed mod review! I'm absorbing it in a post-mortem sort of way since I already hit the send button a little while ago. This was actually sort of an odd track for me as I started (and mostly finished) writing it over a year ago. For a number of not amazing reasons it sat untouched and unreleased until now. That does have the unfortunate side-effect of a year's worth of change and learning on my part... I still like it a lot overall, but there are definitely a few larger arrangement things that I would tend to agree with you about. At some point though, I just had to get it out the door! The flute at 3:43 was actually a recent addition, so I guess there you have it. Well, again, thanks for the time you took to give feedback. You are most definitely a hero in my books!
  3. Uploaded a take 3 from today with fresh ears: https://soundcloud.com/outsetinitiative/valoos-honor-3/s-yEm6U Mostly just guitar tweaks today as you guys have suggested. I do agree about the bass guitar, seems to flow better without it. I re-worked the EQ on the guitar at 1:50 as well, sounds much clearer now (imo). What do you guys think about this track passing the panel?
  4. New challenger approaching! https://soundcloud.c...honor-2/s-l9XmG Here's take 2 (also posted above) with some tweaks based on the feedback. I would definitely love it if you guys could take another listen and let me know what you think! More details below... I toned down the fire, sounds like everyone agreed a bit on that one. Though I do still find it to be important in setting the scene I had in my head for this remix, so I can't justify removing it completely.This main flute melody (technically a Ney) is the bane of my existence. I started from scratch with the EQ this time with your and timaeus222's comments in mind... But at this point I've been listening to it for way too many hours in a row and can only hope it sounds good tomorrow morning when I listen again.Thanks for all the detailed feedback! This comment ("Don't be afraid, you won't lose its inherent flutiness! ") kept me going, because it WAS actually something that I was worrying about: The flute was actually not performed, though the samples were most definitely fighting me the entire way. Made a lot of tweaks with EQ and volume (see comment above). Is it out of tune? My ears are definitely not in shape these days when it comes to tuning instruments, it's not something you usually have to think about with samples...Timpani-bass-thingy, tibetan bowl, and gong tweaked a bit.Removed the laughter, as I do tend to agree. Thanks! The orchestra here is actually done in Omnisphere layered on a Kontakt 5 string ensemble.Good call on removing the fire during the timpani section, sounds cleaner without it. Tweaked the guitars in the beginning to be less heavy, good call.The bass being absent during the first "festival" section was a purposeful choice. I was imagining this being an actual festival and I figured it would keep building and building until the eventual "grand finale" and crash at the end. I did try to add a bit of bass guitar as you suggested, though I'm not sure if it's all that obvious (maybe that's ok).Gave the tempo increase a less predictable curve though, hopefully feels more natural that way. It's hard to program chaos!
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated! I'm going to go through the comments and work on tweaking and compiling a new draft. Will report back with updates soon!
  6. EDIT: Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'm calling this a wrap! Hey guys - I'm gearing up to submit this sucker to the queue, and I'm definitely waaaay too close to it. Hoping to get some outside feedback on what needs more attention. I would say that mixing is my main concern, but I'm open to all thoughts at this point. Thanks! Remix (final): https://soundcloud.com/outsetinitiative/valoos-honor/ Source:
  7. Thank you for the review WillRock. You and Rozo both bring valid points to the table. I think I may be too close to this track atm, might need to retire it for awhile... at some point I'm just going to burn out on it. Don't take this as a negative response though, I just think I've taken this as far as I'm able to for now. In the end I'm happy though. It's an enormous upgrade from what it used to be...
  8. Alright.. took a bit longer that I expected, but I'm back with a newer version. Same link as before: http://soundcloud.com/justicez/youll-want-your-gravity-suit @Rozovian: A lot of your feedback was very useful, so thank you again. I didn't act on all of it, but I'm sure you will hear the new additions as well as a some mixing things that you pointed out. -- I'm not sure if this should still be in Mod Review or not, but I couldn't see how to change it anyway. I'm still considering submitting it... so maybe it's OK the way it is.
  9. Thank you Rozovian. I need a little while to digest your awesome response! I'll be back in a few days with some comments and hopefully a newer version. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for the review Rozovian. You have actually critiqued this song once before, don't know if you recall.. but I'm glad to get some feedback from you again! Can you expand on the compression problems? I'll see what I can do about the bass drum (I do want it to stay quiet-ish, but not muffled). As for the quiet percussion and beginning synth sound's filter, those were both design decisions. The synth is the groundwork for the rest of the song, I was using it to set an emotion (for me mellow / sad). I also was aiming for a mostly ambient vibe, even when it gets going I didn't want it to get crazy. Drums: I assume you are referring to the percussion (snare/hats)? Overcompressed: Can you give me a bit more detail on how this can be fixed and how its the bass drum's fault? Muddy mixing: This I understand. I assume the biggest problem is my "closeness" to this track at this point. Are there any particular offenders? Ah... Yeah, so like I mentioned before, when I wrote this I had a very ambient vibe in my head. And at least in my mind, that meant a bit more repetition of the background elements. Not sure if this is "correct" or good, just thought I'd explain where I am coming from. I do agree with you though, I just really don't know where I should tear it down and build it back with more content. Overall, this is a tough one for me. I'm so used to what it "used" to sound like that I'm resistant to big changes. This is why I posted it back up here... in the hopes of getting some outside opinions that could help me determine exactly what it still needs. Thanks again Rozovian, and I hope to speak with you again!
  11. Thanks Nonamer, I really appreciate the feedback. I'll wait for a few more comments before I make any changes, just to see what the consensus is. It's good to get an outside opinion...
  12. Hello everyone! This is a remix I did of the "Underwater Frigate Reactor Core" theme in Metroid Prime. I created this remix quite a long time ago (and posted it to OCR for feedback)... I only recently felt that I had improved enough to significantly rework the track. Original track: Final [updated Feb-22]: http://soundcloud.com/justicez/youll-want-your-gravity-suit I am planning to submit this track in the near future, so any and all feedback will be much appreciated! Cheers!