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  1. Hell yeah, I've listened to this song on PC to death by now. Uh, no changes, right?
  2. I can see where the comments about being synthetic are coming from, but it sounds natural to me. You had me there, WillRock, until I read the description. Heh. I love this one, but then again, I love all piano solos on ocremix. Beautiful.
  3. Yeah. Just like that epic final battle between X and Zero in... I actually don't know which game. I've barely played the X series at all.
  4. I've been coming back and listening to this again and again, I can say I'm hooked. I really love that voice, it sounds a bit artificial but in some mysteriously haunting way.
  5. Done, I feel like I've deviated from the sources way too much, like to the point where it's about, say... not recognizable.
  6. Yeah. I've been fidgety all day for the Zero bracket today.
  7. Eheh, it's not looking too good for me myself, early decision college application deadlines are in a week. I'm almost done though, I've kinda been "saving up" this coming week doing most of the stuff in advance.
  8. Eheh... I didn't use Photoshop, do you have Flash? If not, I could probably send you transparencies of each of the slots in a zip file so you can copy and paste them on. Or I could just do 'em myself, but I'm not sure if you can trust me to be on time with that.
  9. http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/6352/xround1.png
  10. Cool. DarkeSword, I'm assuming we PM the songs to you, right?
  11. Darkesword, I edited my lineup a little, don't know if you got that. Gravity Beetle is now #1 and the other two are pushed down to #2 and #3. Doesn't make too much of a difference, I guess. God am I excited for this.
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