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  1. I don't claim to know a lot about the topic (so please correct me if I'm wrong), but here's what I've put together from some of the info in this thread and my personal opinions.

    Even if SOPA fails, we can't expect peace for very long due to the precedent it sets. Congress isn't exactly one to learn from it's past and most of the big corporations involved can't stand losing even 0.0000001% of a product's sales. Unless something is done to properly address the underlying causes of the problem, it's only a matter of time before SOPA or a similar bill is passed.

  2. This is actually much nicer than I expected. Aesthetically, it's bright, colorful and absolutely charming. The puzzles are nifty, too. I have no idea how many puzzles there are, but I'm certain that Pushmo will keep me busy for a while.

  3. I was initially gonna dismiss this game, but I guess it wouldn't kill me to shell out the money they're asking for it. After all, the best way to know if you like a game is to play it yourself.

  4. I'm mostly into individual songs and not albums or bands, though I like:

    Nightwish with Tarja Turunen as vocalist (haven't heard anything outside of Once, though)

    Sonata Arctica

    Within Temptation

    Luca Turilli (both his solo work and his stuff with Rhapsody of Fire).

  5. I personally think that the concept of "lives" is a rather abstract one that varies from genre to genre. In platformers, you get multiple lives (or infinite lives depending on the game) and whether or not this makes someone a better gamer depends solely on the individual who's playing the game. Technically, RPGs give you multiple lives as well, but in the form of party members. Many of the RPGs I've played will give you a game over once your entire party is out of commission, and I have learned how to play smart in these games because of this. However, like with the platformers, your mileage may vary.

    Simply put, the concept of lives can make some people better gamers, but it isn't going to work for everyone.

  6. Also, possible North America release date for Black and White. Emphasis on possible. It fits with past release dates, but placeholder dates are commonly used until official ones are set.

    I was expecting a March release date, but April works too. I don't really care which of the two months the games come out in (provided they actually get released before May) as long as I can figure out when I can pre-order White.

  7. I've been with the franchise since generation one, and I'm actually quite stoked for the new generation. I've gotten over most of my gripes with the new gameplay elements, but I still have an issue with what I know about the Pokeshifter.

    Honestly, it feels like the game designers were trying to fix something that wasn't broken when they replaced the Pal Park with this new feature. The Pal Park was a simple way to transfer pokemon to between generations and should've stayed imo. The Pokeshifter, on the other hand, is a timed mini-game that requires the use of a bow and arrow or some shit like that. I know that I'm talking about something that I won't have any real knowledge of until some point several weeks from now, but this is still a pretty weird thing for Game Freak/Nintendo to come up with.

    BTW, I'm still scratching my head in regards to Isshu getting a new name for the English translation, but I've gotten used to the new name. It's an acquired taste, I guess.

  8. Good gravy, this ReMix is sweet. Like DarkSim said, the energy of this piece makes the time fly by. I guess it's that energetic style that has kept me hooked to this song ever since I downloaded it. Also, this song sorta makes me think of a carnival run by The Joker from Batman for some reason. Can't say I know why.

    Anyway, it's definitely something that's worth a good listen and download.

  9. This is great, though I'm a little bothered by the brass. This may be the result of an untrained ear getting the best of me, but I think that the brass is a little bit too synthy and, therefore, a little out of place in this particular song. It doesn't detract a whole lot from the ReMix as a whole, but it doesn't sound quite right considering the style.

    That's just my opinion, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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