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  1. The little drop-out at 0:46 is my favourite moment in OCRemix history.
  2. Adhesive Boy never disappoints. This is excellent, particularly the detail in the "second" theme, at the start of the third minute. Great stuff as always AB.
  3. I like how at the start at 0'12' it sounds like the theme to Top Gun.
  4. This is an excellent mix. The orchestral stuff is top-notch, that beautifully goopy synth lead... When it dips out for a while I knew it'd return with some amount of oomph but holy shit when those emphatic strings come back in at 4:14, I shivered. Powerful stuff.
  5. Beatiful work. Great guitaring, and the singing is perfect for any guy to sing along with.
  6. Great mix, there's a lot going on in the background. The ending is the best part - very Jean Michel Jarre.
  7. Great stuff; atmospheric, and takes its time about things. I've rediscovered the original track now, which hadn't struck me as something special at the time. This puts it in a new light, those great violins in the background and that yearning main melody...
  8. Terrific stuff - varied, interesting; and to me, educational. I've been reading up on Scriabin, and having only recently developed an interest in classical music, this is a great incentive to explore the subject. I'd love to hear more stuff like this. My only criticism is the same as anyone else's who'll listen to this - it would've been greater, longer.
  9. Ah, now this is high-quality stuff. The guitar playing is lovely, and the whole song has a friendly bounce about it. Mustin inviting you to "Enjoy" at the start was a nice touch too. Great.
  10. This mix is really, really great. I haven't played the game, but this song certainly evokes memories of the film for me, with its rich sound and tribal drum track. I love it.
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