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  1. I wish this mix would be redone with better samples. The arrangement itself has some great ideas that come out suprisingly well, but sample quality and technical issues lessen my opinion of this ReMix.
  2. Music being played behind the vocals is consistantly great in this. As for the vocals... From very good to BEER and back again. Overall, this piece is mostly good. There are a few places where either mediocre or singing mar the composition, but otherwise good work.
  3. Mazedude + Doom = Great ReMix No different here. Mazedude puts out another good techno mix with this one. 9.5/10 (9.5 due to the somewhat dissapointing ending). Still a very good mix though.
  4. What else can I say... wow. This is probably one of the best remixes on this site, and definatly one of the best this year.
  5. Great piece, this is. I love how SysteManiac takes the original theme and interprets it in many different ways. 10/10
  6. I give this a 7/10. If this mix would have been longer and the Darkworld theme played more thanone time it would be an extremly good piece. Now, it's just too short to be anything other than decient.
  7. The first openly gay remix on OC. J/P Very, very wierd stuff. 10/10 for originality though.
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