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  1. Thanks to both of you for your critques. I'll be sure to keep these thoughts in mind while I experiment with the song.
  2. I just through this together after hearing a slowed down version of the Wing Cap song in one of yoshielectron's videos. EDIT:Whoops, I said "Wind Cap" in the title. My mistake.
  3. Sweet tune. A tad on the short side, but I absolutely love the easy-going mood of the piece. It could've done without the flute, but that's just me. Definetely my favorite part is the guitar solo at 1:28. It's just...I can't even describe it, it's so beautiful. But eh...D-Lux, your vocal section just didn't work for me. Maybe if it was altered to fit more with the piece, it would've worked better, but it just has a sort of boring tone. It's like if you had Stephen Hawking sing it. No offense to you, I can tell you tried, but I just didn't care for that section. Still love this source though. It's definetely going onto my iPod.
  4. I finally went back to this thing. Tempo raised up a bit. The synth-string was altered a bit (in terms of sound and volume and whatnot). Also, I experimented with panning by having it sweep from side to side.
  5. You mean the pad? Cause I did some tests and saw that it did decrease the volume a bit.
  6. The title reminds me of the lyrics to "Nobody Home" by Pink Floyd. Anyway, this song is great. It's nice and entracing. The piano and pad really compliment the mood set by the rest of the piece. My only real complaint is that I think the hi-hat should have been been 1/4 notes instead of 1/8. But whatever, nice song
  7. I just tinkered around a bit with this next update. Changed a few notes, but nothing really noticable.
  8. Okay, another update. I really need to slow down with these things. First off, I cut about a minute of it to make it progress faster, and the tempo was slighty - EVER so slighty - raised. I added a few more bell sections and changed around one of the patterns. Also, the flute was changed into bells. I also reverted back to the original note pattern on the then-flute section. Also, at around 3:30, I changed the bell notes around. Bells, bells, bells. Also, I'd like a suggestion for a title. For now, it's titled "Sudden Remergence", but if anyone has a better title, I'd like to hear it.
  9. Another update. This time I played around with the note velocities on the piano and guitar, and added more bell sections throughout the piece. I also added a bell note with a gross beat to give it a "fwoosh" effect. You'll understand it better if you listen.
  10. This is pretty cool. I won't judge much until more gets put out, but for what it is right now, it's pretty nice.
  11. I like what you've got so far. My only real problem is the bass. It needs a little more energy. But aside from that, this is pretty good.
  12. UPDATE! - The guitar was given slightly less attack, and the flange effect was eliminated. - The drum notes were given velocity changes. - The pitch change note in the flute section was eliminated in place of two regular notes. - The flute was replaced with bells after the flute solo.
  13. Thanks. I just whipped this up without really going back to it, so stuff like EQing and note velocities were overlooked.
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