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  1. Hello all, It's been a long time ... but I'm still making music. It's an electronic music remix for Dracula's Castle in SOTN. Hope you will like it. It's a electronic music remix with the same melody and structure but .. remanied. Castlevania Symphony Of The Night - Dracula's Castle (Dirty Delay Remix)
  2. I never submit my fear factory remix to the panel. Thats why I never pass the judges panel until the metroid remix. You can find my fear factory here if you want :https://soundcloud.com/dirtydelay/dave-wise-fear-factory

  3. Very cool Trance ambience here. Love the synth and the production. Love that =)
  4. I'm glad you like this remix, after 1 year this is very cool to hear you all
  5. Prety cool stuff. 3rd station is like sonic music ^^
  6. Hi. So what have you made here ? In the beginning , I think the kick is a bit too loud. However, your break are very original and you bass is cool, this is 100% my Type of music.The last piano part is awesome but when the synth come there is a gap with rhythm witch is a little bit too much for me. Continue this is a really great work.
  7. Hi , a long time ago, I was show you an progressive house remix of fear factory(http://soundcloud.com/dirtydelay/dave-wise-fear-factory). I have submitted a metroid house remix since last june. Waiting for the answers, I made this progressive house music and I am wondering what are you thinking about this track. http://soundcloud.com/dirtydelay/dirty-delay-forbidden-galaxy Hope you will like it =)
  8. Yeah It seems that bass is a problem for a lot of people, this is true and I try to change it. thanks for the advice. Stay Tunes I will continue this on my hollidays = )
  9. I working to a remix of the victory Jingle On Starfox SNES. This is a Sample of my work, Tell me what you like and dislike, enjoy ! = ) http://soundcloud.com/dirtydelay/dirty-delay-the-victory-of-starfox-team http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/67652885/file.html
  10. Hi, today i begining a new remix.It's not finished but i want get the mix better and better for propose the track to Oc Remix. = ) There missing some solo improvisation, some string synth and drums. And i didn't made the construction yet. Well I expect you will enjoy the track anyway. http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/25228335/file.html
  11. Yeah and 96kbps is a very bad quality so I prefer Edit the track.
  12. Thanks Gario and Sole Signal, your reply help me a lot ! Well i think I will edit the song for a Oc Remix version. = )
  13. Very good, I imagine me playing this game on Genesis. = ) Well done !
  14. Hi everyones ! I have made a Progressive House remix of my favourite track in Donkey Kong Country. Yeah i'm talking about Fear Factory. http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/88855628/file.html I wondering what the Oc Remix community think about my work. I Producing music with Fl Studio since 3 year ago. Have a good listen and sorry for my bad english. = )
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