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  1. Lunar-X


    its like minecraft... in that you dig to build. (you build new tools out of better materials, which makes them do more damage and lets them work faster.) you dont actually have to dig to explore caves though, you can actually find them relatively easy on the surface(givin that its 2d). caves are filled with monsters and pots(with items in them) and treasure chests (with items in them). oh there are also floating islands with special items and stuff on em. you've got npcs that you can build houses to make em stay in "town"(i use that word loosely) guide, merchant, nurse, arms dealer, etc.) yo
  2. *facepalm* keep going right? that is all its ever been. actually, what if they made him go left! maybe the world would end. XD
  3. i really should have done this earlier... lunar-x FC 5028 4743 9710 White Version Oshawott ive been going to the dream world all week. poochyena with dark pulse! the sky race is my favorite minigame, it really speeds up after the second set of water energy. anyone with a Cottonee or whimiscott.
  4. it was on amazon. no need to even go trolling gaming sites. its the internet bro, the information is out there. if you want to know what is going to come with the thing go to a site that will be selling it, or wait for a guy to pop up and be a douche. @Arek i think the price is between 30 to 40 (40 being those much bigger name games, like SSF4) my wallet wont be liking me much either
  5. for those of you who dont pay attention it comes with an AC charger also. im'a use the cradle above my mantle to intimidate my neighbors http://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-3DS-Aqua-Blue/dp/B002I090AG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1299466025&sr=8-1 looking forward to some awesome games in the future... like... Megaman Legends 3 T.T
  6. what in the world is going on? also, cool on the server being in San Antonio, lived there, been to The Alamo 3 times. good times.
  7. holy crap, i had no idea. now i think i might want to enter any future GMRB (with my amateurish piano skills or lack there of) on a more topic related note (XD) i had been rooting for WillRock the whole thing, but i've gotta admit that Txai really caught me with his entry in the finals. i mean it was seriously awesome
  8. shining force 2 anyone? i feel like the only thing anyone played on the Sega Genesis was Sonic (at least remixes wise)
  9. that sucks to hear about Abadoss, i always keep my diamonds on me, although i think a secret chest involving a maze system to find it would be awesome.
  10. lol, man that was the best underground tnt rave ever. im all for the implementation of mobs/creepers. (your fine in the day) good lighting in your constructions does wonders for creeper stopping... im far more worried about skeletons. heck, its never even night time on the server anymore (unless that mod got taken off)
  11. i love you super joe! always stay super! *woosh away!!!!!!* captain planet! hes our hero gonna take the creepers down to zero!
  12. its a rich people thing. like with caviar.
  13. the best thing about the argument is that is has absolutely no bearing on what will happen to the game

    we're all in the peanut gallery

  14. lol, you got me on that one. XD this thread is so out of wack. its about as bad as when we were having problems with the tf2 guys before we switched servers (in terms of shear arguments)

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