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  1. wow, this is simply amazing. Absolutely gorgeus mix. I reccomend this to anyone who loves jazz, or a good tune. This has everything, sad, upbeat. It's great, Don't hesitate to download this baby. Keep up the good work man.
  2. this remix is.... grrrreat fun for everyone. Hazama this song made me laugh, it's a great mix of nostalgic blissful gaming tunes and at the same time some humorous voices. Keep up the good work man, and bring out some new remixes already, your killing me!
  3. Hazama you rule man, this is by far my favorite remix out of 125 I have saved on my hd. I don't really know jack shit about remixing, but I know what sounds good and this is it. So if your looking for a laid back sad piano tune, this is right up your alley. Hazaman please create more piano remixes!